Final Reflection

Thank goodness that the city residents in El Segundo rejected tax hikes and then threw out a liberal mayor last term. Suzanne Fuentes is a conservative Republican who is not beholden to labor unions. She is working to represent the better interests of the entire city, rather than placating a select number of politically active interest groups.

Big Labor may be showing some muscle this year in part because the national consensus is pushing back against labor unions and their false, even bullying tactics against local leaders and individual residents. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's major wins against the public sector collective bargaining units in the Dairy State were a two-fold loss for Big Labor: the legislative process stripped them of their unjust entitlements, and they showed their true, menacing core not just protesting the state capital, but attacking Scott Walker personally as well as professionally. Democratic lawmakers fled the legislature to prevent a quorum (it failed), and the labor unions even protested and harassed Walker's family.

Such wicked behavior did not go unnoticed. The right-to-work movement is revving up all across the country, too, dealing another blow to Big Labor, in growing part because of Big Labor thug tactics like the ones in Wisconsin, Michigan.

File:El Segundo 1.jpg
El Segundo, CA from Sepulveda Blvd.

And even here in Torrance, CA, where unions picketed outside Torrance City Hall demanding retroactive pay increases. Another union dumped a huge pile of manure in front of Exxon-Mobil after the explosion at the refinery earlier this year, too.