Sunday, June 3, 2018

Patriot Movement Arizona Celebrates Trump on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (Photos)

Patriot Movement Arizona joined LA County for Trump this weekend.

We rallied for the Second Amendment at the West Los Angeles Federal Building.

Then I joined them at the Donald Trump star along the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Honestly, if they didn't come here, I would have no reason to go to the Trump star in the first place!

Check out our wonderful AZ patriots!

Jeremy is healing nicely. He has foot surgery a few months ago, but now he's back in perfect form!

Russel and Lesa cleaned up the Trump star before I arrived. They told me that anti-Trumpers had covered the star in a black tar. After they cleaned it up, a small crowd of angr

Arizona for Trump is already getting ready for 2020!

We don't need to "Make America Great Again", but we need to "Keep America Great!"

One of the most important reasons why we come to the Trump star?

We come to encourage the tourists to support President Trump, too!

We met one lady from Canada, for example. She lives in the United States as a legal resident, but she cannot vote since she has not yet finished the final steps to become an American citizen and vote.

Eduardo, one member of the Arizona team, is a legal resident but will complete his citizenship in the next two years and vote for Trump in 2020!

And of course, I had to take a few photos with my hat!

I can only hope for California at this point. At the federal level, things could not have been better.

For the state of California, the progressive leftists (aka nazi) resistance has doubled down on its insanity.

Some statewide Democratic contenders are challenging Democratic incumbents precisely because they are spending more time and state resources defying President Trump rather than making California a better place to live.

The flags were a huge hit with passers-by!

Check out the tourists with us at the star, too!

I used to get a little jittery when I visited the Trump Star with fellow Trump supporters.

Since then, we find that more people show us their support, and even when a few people (including some of the struggling actors) curse at us, we just laugh it off.

Patriot Movement Arizona, all the way!

See you guys soon!


  1. Thank you Arthur, my foot is way better. Almost out of the woods. Keep up the Good work sir! Good seeing you at the really this weekend. We'll see you soon!
    #PMAZ 👌

  2. Love our AZ Patriots, you too Arthur! #KAG2020