Friday, September 30, 2016

Racist Agitators Connected to Torrance Democratic Club Called Black Conservative: "House N--gga" and "Sellout"

 I have double the respect for minority conservatives and Republicans.

In the state of California, or any liberal enclave overtaken by harsh and unremitting progressives, being a conservative is tough.

It's even tougher if you're a black or Hispanic conservative.

Left-wing agitators and liberal interests will automatically label the person with all kinds of abusive epithets.

It's so painful.

Once again, I have so much respect for black, Hispanic, Asian individuals who stand up to ethnic abuse from the Left for their freedom of speech, conscience, and political thought.

The trashy, disturbing things that I heard from the anti-Joe Arpaio protesters at the September 25th private meeting of the  South Bay Impact Republicans disturbed me beyond belief.

Louise Outland is currently one of the board members for this new chartered group.

She is a well-connected businesswoman who cares about her kids and her country.

And yet, to hear the hatred that was vehemently spewed at her--was just too much.

Check out this video clip:

At the 4:30 minute mark, Louise Outland arrives outside to see what the trespassing protesters are doing:

The protesters continued to chant "Racist go home! Racist, go home!"

I then asked the protesters if Louise was a racist because she was here to meet Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Immediately, one of the protesters insults her:

"She's a house nigga!"

She repeated that shameful epithet.

I cannot believe I heard something so abusive.

And Jimmy Gow was OK with it.

Indeed! Who's the one being racist, I must ask!

Two minutes later, this woman tried to shame Louise Outland a second time:

She shouted at her five times: "You are sad! You are so sad!"

Instead of getting offended or initimidated, Outland stood her ground and laughed off this protester's hate:

"Why Thank! Go Trump! Trump is Number One! Trump Nation!"

The girl dressed in pink tried to race-bait her a second time: "Massa feed you good?"

This kind of rhetoric is the same Jim Crow talk used to disparage black people, as if they were still slaves.

Then the rest of the racist agitators began chanting "Sell out! Sell out! Sell your people out!"

I confronted another protester and shamed her for defaming Louise Outland, a black woman who is not afraid to think for herself.

Final Reflection

A reminder to everyone reading this.

Jimmy Gow, the President of the Torrance Democratic Club, instigated this criminal protest.

He joined with these abusive protesters, who trespassed on private property.

He stood by and smiled and consented to the racist remarks. He has defended the abusive behavior of the protesters, who stole someone's phone, who pushed other Republicans who were attending the meeting, and who then demonstrated the most uncouth, outrageous behavior toward our guest Sheriff Joe Arpaio:

Such behavior cannot go without accountability!

Racism,, trespassing, assault--such criminal conduct--all under the auspices of Torrance Democratic Club President Jimmy Gow.

Call the Torrance Democratic Club President, and demand that he apologize!

Jimmy Gow
(310) 538-0245

Then contact the Torrance City Council and demand that they remove Jimmy Gow from the Social Services Commission:

Mayor Pat Furey:
Councilwoman Heidi Ashcraft:
Councilman Tim Goodrich:
Councilman Mike Griffiths:
Councilman Milton Herring:
Councilman Geoff Rizzo:
Councilman Kurt Weideman:

Muratsuchi is “Shikata Ga Nai”--Deserves "Mura Hachibu"

Kaji makes a few key references to the Japanese language to describe the final responses which voters should give to Al Muratsuchi:

It’s too bad that Al hasn’t been forthright and honest with the State Democratic Party leadership. Maybe the party can save some funds for a more winnable race before it flushes million of dollars into a lost cause. Maybe Al has convinced the party that the whole Keiro issue has blown over and that a complacent Nikkei community will passively say “Shikata ga nai” and move on.

"Shikata Ga Nai"

No way!

What does “Shikata Ga Nai” mean?

Simple translations render this phrase: "It can't be helped" or "It is what it is."

But there is more to this phrase. From one former Japanese teacher on the misuse of this phrase:

Her objection was to the use of the phrase “shikata ga nai” in circumstances when it was in fact possible to do something. She argued that the phrase was tantamount to “I can’t be bothered” or “We just have to accept it.” It implied much greater passivity than the French phrase “je m’en fou” which suggests the English “I don’t give a damn about it” or “I couldn’t care less.”

For Al Muratsuchi, there was plenty that he could have done to:

1. Save Keiro from sale
2. Stop the flight of businesses and jobs out of the state
3. Protect public school students from bad teachers
4. Protect our environment
5. Save tax dollars.

Kaji further writes:

“Shikata ga nai” is overrated. Al has completely misread Nikkei anger over the Keiro tragedy. And now, Al is the target of our community’s “payback.”

Al failed to inform his political masters that he’s lost all credibility in the Japanese American community. Al chose political expediency over doing what was in the best interests of the most at-risk, frail and needy among us, the elderly.

He lost credibility the moment that he announced his first bid for state assembly as a Democrat.

Al lacks the moral courage and personal integrity to truly represent the people of the 66th Assembly District. He’s failed all of us both while serving in the Assembly and in the California Department of Justice.


In the same way that Al turned his back on all of us, we all have a duty and responsibility to the victims of the evacuation and the abandoned Nikkei seniors at the former Keiro.

Al Muratsuchi abandons those whose votes he needs to advance to the state assembly. He has no business serving in higher office. None. What did he do while serving on the Torrance School Board? What efforts did he follow through on to ensure a better uality of life for South Bay residents? Did he do anything to stop the abusive tax-and-spend state legislature in Sacramento?

Nothing. And his answer is: Shikata Ga Nai.

It’s now time for all of us to turn our backs on Al’s deeply flawed, cynical candidacy. Anyone who would betray his own people for political power does not deserve our votes or support.

In old Japan, there is a term called "mura hachibu" In the West, it’s called “shunning” or “ostracism.”

Sounds good to me.

In Japan, if the individual was guilty of a misdeed, all of the villagers would turn their backs on the individual. In effect, he no longer “existed.”

Muratsuchi's career no longer exists. It's time for the voters in the South Bay, regardless of their political or ethnic background, to treat Al Muratsuchi as if he never existed. He certainly acted that way, since he rarely showed up to public events, and in many cases was MIA all the way.

It’s time to deliver a Nikkei version of mura hachibu to Al. When you receive your absentee ballot, leave the box next to Muratsuchi blank and empty. Or, better yet, vote for David Hadley.

I opt for option two.

I am voting for David Hadley.

It's time for "Mura Hachibu" for Muratushi!

He doesn't shrug his shoulders at hardships. He faces conflicts. He champions reforms and solutions.

He visits constituents. He makes their concerns well-known in the state legislature. He is one of the most visible and accessible elected officials in the state of California.

And he needs your help and mine.

On November 8th, vote for David Hadley, and let us turn our backs on the corrupt, incompetent, and cynical politicking of Al ""Shikata Ga Nai" Muratsuchi.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Al Muratsuchi Abandoned Keiro--David Hadley Fought to Save Keiro!

Al Muratsuchi.

He wants to coast on his Japanese heritage.

He explicitly refers to himself as a "Sansei" who served his community.

And yet ... when they elder Japanese community needed him to stand up for him and stop the sale of the Keiro Japanese-American retirement home, Al was MIA again.

John Kaji explains in Rafu Shimpo:

[Let's] look at Al’s role in the Keiro Senior HealthCare tragedy. What should have Al done in his position as deputy attorney general? Was he paid off for his silence? How has Al been protected from criticism by his political masters?

Yes. But let's get the whole story on this matter.

Now, let’s turn to another current senior rights issue, the abandonment and sell-off of 600-plus Japanese American elderly senior citizens residing at the former Keiro facilities earlier this year.

Here's a picture of the facility:

Here are some warm scenes from the retirement facility:

Al did nothing for these precious people, either:

For those who don’t know the issue, Keiro Senior HealthCare Services is a nonprofit organization that was created more than 50 years ago. The purpose of Keiro was to provide a retirement and healthcare facility for Japanese American elderly.

A Japanese-American senior facility should have received strong and immediate attention from former Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi.

He just makes excuses and covers for his absence. 

Over the years, Keiro had gained the support of citizens from throughout California, the United States and Japan, and became a model of culturally sensitive senior care.

And where was Al? Was he sensitive to the needs of the Japanese-American seniors?

But, for reasons that still baffle the general community, Keiro decided to sell off the retirement, intermediate care and nursing home facilities for a discounted price of $41 million to a real estate developer, Pacifica Companies of San Diego.

All of these elderly people are now forced to find their home and healthcare elsewhere. This is wrong.

In order to allow the sale to go forward, the State Attorney General’s Office under Kamala Harris had to provide its approval of the transaction. However, rather than to allow for a public hearing of the sale and obtain input from the affected residents and family members, Keiro requested and obtained a waiver from the attorney general.

So, Korrupt Kammy pushed the sale, and remained hush-hush about public hearings.

But not Assemblyman David Hadley. Check out his remarks on the matter here:

When the attorney general’s conditional approval was announced in September 2015, it triggered massive outrage from throughout the Japanese American community. More than 14,000 individuals petitioned the attorney general to hold a public hearing.

This was an issue and a moment that called for heroism and courage. This was an opportunity to take a stand, and to call on the attorney general herself to stop the sale. This was Al’s defining moment.

So, just what did Al do?

Al blinked. When the Nikkei seniors needed a “first responder,” Al took off running the other way. Exactly at the moment when the most vulnerable in our community needed his help, Al placed his own political future over the lives of the 600 Keiro residents. He grabbed the last “lifeboat” and abandoned the poor, defenseless seniors to figure out where they will live out their so-called golden years.

Al excuses himself, claiming that because he worked for the Attorney General's office, he had a professional obligation to remain neutral.

No he did not. He could have resigned from his position. He could have taken on other work. He could have taken a risk, upset his supervisors, and spoken out in defense of Keiro.

Now, should the community have expected Al to take a position? After all, the attorney general had given him a job after he lost his Assembly seat to David Hadley and gave him the elevated title of “deputy attorney general.”

Al said in a Rafu Shimpo article (Feb. 5, 2016) when asked about the sale of Keiro Senior HealthCare Services, that was one issue he would not discuss.

Why is that? Is he still beholden to Korrupt Kammy?

“As a Japanese American that has been active in the community for almost 30 years now, the pending sale of Keiro is something that I’m very saddened by,” Muratsuchi said. “But unfortunately my hands have been tied, given that I am a prosecutor and deputy attorney general.”


As recent history shows, Mr. David Hadley, the current assemblyman for the 66th Assembly District, was the FIRST elected official to come out against the sale of Keiro and demanded that the attorney general hold a public hearing.

Bravo, David!

Mr. Hadley took a courageous stand on behalf of the 600-plus elderly residents at Keiro, their family members and the Keiro employees. Mr. Hadley stood up for a community that he wasn’t very familiar with, but did so because it was the right thing to do. He didn’t put up a wet finger to test out the political headwinds before deciding to fight for our seniors. He went to war.

Let's not forget that the Keiro retirement community is not based in the 66th Assembly District, although one branch of the facility is located in Gardena. Hadley stepped out of his comfort zone in many ways.

But Al? He was “MIA,” continuing to hide out in the California Department of Justice. Even now, no one really knows exactly what Al does in his position as deputy attorney general. Instead, Al’s job appears to be purely a political plum appointment, a job without a job description. A taxpayer-paid pre-campaign gig. Nice work if you can get it!?


So exactly why did Al remain silent? After all, he did make a brief appearance at the Keiro community meeting held at Nishi Hongwanji in September 2015. Maybe Al got scared. Once he saw how angry and hostile the crowd was, he beat a hasty retreat. Or, maybe it wasn’t the noise from the crowd but the stare from the Keiro Board members who sat at the front of the meeting hall.

What's going on? He's saddened by the sale of Keiro, and yet he claimed that he could do nothing, but then he shows up to catch an easy photo-op. If he really were concerned about a perceived conflict of interest or authority, then he should have stayed away completely.

So, why did Al Muratsuchi do nothing for Keiro? Why indeed?

Let’s connect the dots. Take a look at Al’s 2014 campaign fundraising records on the California Secretary of State’s website. It’s public information.

Guess what? Al received campaign contributions from six Keiro Senior HealthCare Services Board members!

Gary Kawaguchi, Keiro Board chairman, $1,000

Jeffrey Folick, board member, $1,000

Thomas Iino, board member, $1,000

Ernest Doizaki, board member, $2,000

Gerald Fukui, board member, $1,000

Kenneth Kasamatsu, board member, $100

So, for $6,100, it would appear that the Keiro Board effectively bought Al’s silence and obedience! $6,100 in exchange for a Keiro sales price of $41 million in donor-sourced funds? Such a “Trumpian” deal! Small investment, HUGE return!

Ouch! Al Muratsuchi for sale? It can't be true!

Let’s now focus on Al’s political “masters.”

Of course, we all know that Al’s campaign has the highest priority to the Democratic Party leadership. State Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon says that the Hadley-Muratsuchi race is one of the top campaigns this November.

Rendon was arrogant enough to call the 66th Assembly District "The Muratsuchi Seat". That is very offensive.

David Hadley (center) speaks out for a public hearing
on the impending sale of Keiro
Should Al regain the Assembly seat, the Democratic Leadership will be able to regain its “super majority” in the Assembly, ensuring that any and all legislation will smoothly steamroll ahead, unobstructed. And, they know that Al will once again do as he is told, just like before.

Al Muratsuchi is a special interest puppet. He does what he is told, nothing more. He will not serve the South Bay. He did nothing for the elderly seniors. He has done nothing for veterans, homeowners, for business owners, for major corporations which serve and benefit the regional economy.

Muratsuchi has been one more cog in the illiberal, regressive Democratic Party political machine out to enrich itself and retain power at the expense of everyone else.

David Hadley (Credit: Rafu Shimpo)

Party leadership, including Rendon and former Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins, opposed any public hearing on Keiro. Speaker Rendon held out the possibility of a public hearing, but not until after the June primary election. Then, when that didn’t happen, a possible date would be held AFTER the November election.

They opposed a hearing?! How awful! Rendon is all about helping one constituency, which he terms "Latinos." Rendon is discriminating against hard-working law-abiding citizens

Why? Of course, the party leadership does not want Assemblymember Hadley, vice chairman of the Assembly Committee on Aging and Long-Term Care, to gain any publicity for overseeing a public inquiry into the sale of Keiro. Supposedly justice is blind, but Al Muratsuchi made sure to muzzle the people on the Keiro matter.

Now there's another angle which I had not considered. The Democratic Party leadership has absolutely no interest in Hadley getting any good press.

They want him out of office so badly, they would sell out elderly seniors to do it.

Final Reflection

It's truly shameful to see candidates play the race card against their own people, and to play that card just to advance their limited, narrow-minded interests. What kind of a civil rights community leader does nothing to help the elderly, one of the most vulnerable groups in his own community? How could one politicians throw away the necessary well-being of hundreds of his own people to score a few thousand dollars in campaign donations?

The whole matter is simply reprehensible. Muratsuchi has no shame, and has no one but himself to blame when he loses his election bid in November.

The seniors connected to Keiro, their families, their relatives need to know that their elected representatives will advocate for what is best for all of the residents, all of the constituents. I admire what Assemblyman David Hadley did. His decision to fight for a public hearing was intriguing to me at first, since I had no knowledge about the senior care facilities and the impending sale.

Now I understand what was happening, and his actions demonstrate how informed he is about his district and the people whom he represents.

Al Muratsuchi Did NOTHING for California Civil Liberties Project

Local Japanese-American leader and businessman John Kaji has exposed Oil Muratsuchi for who is really is.

A greasy, grimy, money-grubbing politico out for himself, with no love or respect for the South Bay.

Kaji had supported Muratsuchi in 2012 and even in 2014.

He soured on him afterwards, learning how little he had actually done for the Japanese community he claimed to love and serve.

For a guy who loves to play off his ethnic status, Muratsuchi did very little for the Japanese community.

Check out this latest FAIL from John Kaji's exposé in Rafu Shimpo:

Not so fast, Al. Let’s take a closer look at Al Muratsuchi the former assemblyman and California Department of Justice deputy attorney general and measure him by HIS own words and acts.

He never really did anything for the Department of Justice. He basically collected a six-figure salary doing nothing.

Here’s one example from Al’s tenure in the Assembly.

Back in 2011, the state budget was diminished due to the Great Recession. A number of state-funded programs were cut. One of these was the California Civil Liberties Public Education Program (CCLPEP), based in the State Library. Former Assemblymember George Nakano was instrumental in creating the program.

George Nakano is the Dean of Torrance politics, specifically for the Asian-American community.

The program was nominally funded with $1 million for the purpose of providing grants to conduct ongoing research into the evacuation of Japanese Americans during World War II. It was an outgrowth of the redress effort of the 1980s with a purpose of informing Californians and America of the dark side of racial discrimination and wartime hysteria.

Scary but true, many young American students know little or nothing about the internment of the Japanese-Americans during World War II. 112,000 were forced to evacuate their homes, farms, and businesses because the government deemed them to be a threat to the United States.

HUH?! Terrible, but true. There were some Japanese conspirators in the United States, but nothing that would justify rounding up over one hundred thousand people in so arbitrary a fashion!

In 2013, members of the CCLPEP Advisory Board asked Al for his support in reinstating and funding the program.

Al refused.

So, Al didn't care about teaching future generations about the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II. Perhaps because he would have to inform everyone that a Democratic President issued Executive Order 9066.

We have another Democratic President today who is issuing abusive, invasive executive orders today. What a disturbing coincidence.

CCLPEP members wondered why. The reason for his refusal was that unless the governor already included CCLPEP in the governor’s budget, he would not make a special request.

Al was in the majority party. He couldn't be bothered to submit a basic reuest for more funding? This is ridiculous. He was merely hoping to collect an easy paycheck for six to twelve years as a legislator doing nothing in Sacramento.

Let us not forget that he tried to jump out of the Assembly seat and run for State Senate in 2014, he was that worried about losing to David Hadley.

And he should be worried about losing this year, too.

Wow. Instead of “embarrassing” the governor by rejecting a simple request on behalf of significant number of former internees who reside in the 66th Assembly District, Al decided to take a pass.

It makes one wonder how Al has the audacity to show up to “Day of Remembrance” events, if only to posture himself as a civil rights “warrior” in solidarity with Aiko Herzig Yoshinaga, Alan Nishio and others in the district who did the heavy lifting to win redress.

What kind of warrior is Al? He wages war on our rights, our money, our sovereignty, and the very dignity which comes with being an American.

But he did nothing to recognize the fight of Japanese-Americans to ensure restoration of all the above.

Who wants this guy in office?

Al Muratsuchi's Trumped Up Attacks Against Hadley

John Kaji, local Japanese community leader and businessman, is not letting Al Muratsuchi get away with lies, hatred, and deceit toward Torrance voters.

Here are some of his comments published in the latest edition of Rafu Shimpo:

Al Muratsuchi and the Politics of Fear

When Al Muratsuchi announced his “California Comeback” campaign to re-take the Assembly seat lost to Republican David Hadley in 2014, those of us who live in the 66th Assembly District asked, “Why?”

Why indeed?

The voters threw out a life-long politico for a private citizen who wanted to make the state of California better for everyone.

Hadley has succeeded very well at accomplish this task.

So Al’s campaign against David Hadley centers on...Donald Trump? Strange. The voters will have an opportunity to check a box under “President of the United States.”

Why is Muratsuchi obsessed with Trump? He is desperate to talk about a strawman rather than debate serious issues. Al accomplished next to nothing in the state legislature. He voted along with the tax-and-spend supermajority to hurt individual taxpayers, local schools, and small businesses.

Al did whatever the liberal regressives told him to. He did not stand up for the South Bay. He caved on a number of destructive policies, including the "transgender" bathroom bill on public schools, forcing up the minimum wage, and dismantling Proposition 13.

Who wants Al back in Sacramento? Really?

Instead, the voters will once again decide which candidate can best represent the interests of the constituents. Maybe Al hopes that by ginning up the Donald Trump fear factor and hoping that he can tar and feather Hadley, he’ll get a pass from the voters.

Al might want to rethink his vocal allegiance to Hillary Clinton, a candidate who is eminently corrupt and incompetent. Why all this talk about a Presidential candidate?

Al's desperation to tie Trump to Hadley, and vice-versa is just plain sad.

Notice how few clicks the "HadleyTrump" video has actually received:

How about this one? 223 views. SAD!

The truth is, they have nothing on David.

His ideological views and his pragmatic style has accomplished a great deal in Sacramento. Al Muratsuchi has nothing but Trump-Up charges of hollow extremism.

For the record, if we want to know more about the extremist element in the South Bay, look no further than Torrance Democratic Club President.

Check out his abusive behavior with these violent protesters at a private event in West Carson:

Here's a more extensive recording which exposes the corrupt, criminal, and abusive behavior of Torrance Democratic Club President Jimmy Gow and his regressive posse:

Check out how this black protester treated other people, too:

There's also this gem of a video showing Torrance Democratic Club President Jimmy Gow politicizing the removal of a corrupt Torrance City Commissioner:

The Democratic Party in the South Bay have lost all connections with the ground reality of working people in Torrance and throughout the region.

Their abusive behavior cannot go unchallenger.

Al Muratsuchi should stop complaining about Donald Trump and start repudiating the abusive behavior of his fellow Democratic operatives!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

If Sheriff Joe Gives an SWJ a Cookie ...

South Bay California politics is heating up.

I’m not talking about San Jose.

I’m talking about Torrance, my home, the Balanced City.

Our state assembly seat is California’s balance of power, where Democrats are desperate to re-seize the supermajority in Sacramento.

But we’re not going to take the left-wing Democrats’ abuse us anymore.

Conservatives in blue states have to step up, and we California conservatives follow the Trump Model. We can’t take anything for granted, and we do no play nice!

If there is anyone who embodies this new “Get Tough” approach, its’ Sheriff Joe Arpaio.
Maricopa County Sheriff Joe does not play--period.

He loves this country, and his prisoners under guard better start loving it, too. No matter what the crime, a prisoner in the United States is a prince compared to convicts around the world. They don’t get to grieve. They need to rehabilitate themselves and get back to obeying the rule of law.
In Maricopa County, prison is not Club Med.

Prisoners don’t get special rights. They declare the Pledge of Allegiance. They sing the Star Spangled Banner. They don’t get easy treatment for roughly abusing and disobeying the law. They act up? They get pink underwater. They won’t respect authority? They can get by on bread and water.

The professional class of Social (IN)Justice Warriors who defend these criminals—trial lawyers looking for an easy payout—have lobbied, lawyered, and lobbed every lawsuit they can to take down the Sheriff. But the people of Arizona love him, and they expect him to bounce back stronger than ever this election season.

Sheriff Joe makes border security paramount. He doesn’t tolerate the drug problems eating up this country. Despite what many of said (or rather denounced) about Arpaio, he has no qualms about working with Mexico to secure their borders and destroy the cartels.

There’re more about Arpaio which have promoted him as a force to be reckoned with this election season.

Unlike many Republicans (including myself), Arpaio endorsed Donald Trump early. Unlike the other Republican Presidential contenders, Trump still shows his love and appreciation to the family. He is down-to-earth, ready to keep strong connections, and unafraid to state the obvious.

He wants a wall, and he wants Mexico to pay for it to. If the Mexicans won’t pony up, then the United States will stop sending federal aid to the Latin American nation. How about using American tax dollars to help Americans for a change?

Now, all of this is inside information of a sort, and I am no Arizona resident (love the Republican trifecta, but can’t take the heat).

So, how do I know Joe?

Because I met him at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall right on the border of my hometown and the 110 freeway!

George Park, one of the founders of a new group called the California Impact Republicans, invited me to meet the legendary sheriff.

How could I refuse?

The whole affair was a secret meeting initially. A local realtor with a heart for this country (and the rule of law) wanted to sponsor the event in his office. Then the rabid, anti-Social Justice Warriors found out about it, and sent notices throughout Los Angeles County. They were prepared to raise the loudest ruckus they could.

“Arrest Arpaio! Lock up Sheriff Joe!”

The CA Impact Team decided to move the Arpaio Event to the tucked-away VFA Hall.

They laid out an incredible, edible banquet, including a cake from the world famous Torrance Bakery, which touted an impressive image of our featured guest, Sheriff Joe. An array of cookies graced the table, with Sheriff Joe’s gruff visage one the icing!

All of us were hoping for a quiet event, but somehow La Raza activists found the new location!
Quite a scene transpired: SJWs shouting and yelling—I never heard the word “racist” repeated (and depleted of meaning) so many times in one hour. Red shirts with La Raza and other socialist markings blanketed the heedless, angry group.

Particularly, this assembled group did not a crowd create, nor amass. Twenty people showed up, including the regressive President of the Torrance Democratic Club Jimmy Gow (who shut out constituents from meeting with our former Congressman Henry “RatFace” Waxman—but that’s another story for another day).

The protesters got violent, and took one Republican’s phone away. Another one pushed a gentleman, and hit me, too. Another Razisto blared his stereo into my ears while I was recording the event.
Some of Impact Republican members had hoped to avoid the press, but the press of social justice insipid stupidity rendered all of that a moot point.


One young black lady kept calling me a “Dummy”, then shouted that black people are allowed to be segregationist. What? And I am the racist? For Sheriff Joe, all this protesting just encourages him to stand out as the strong and capable law and order leader much needed in this country.

Insider, he recount the background on his life, his role in the District Attorney’s office as well as several law enforcement positions. He’s now 84 years, old but he’s full of energy, just like our Presidential nominee.Then he learned about the SJWs screaming outside.

“Only twenty?” he asked. “I used to bring out as many as three hundred. Now, they don’t come out anymore!

La pièce de résistance?

We all cheered. One of Sheriff Joe’s staffers accompanied him, and so did I!

What a sad uproar those angry, left-wing protesters devolved into.

A gentle old man who demands the best for all Americans wanted to give the rabid, Black Lives (Don’t) Matter crowd a cookie!

They cursed at Sheriff Joe, but don’t worry—we are exposing to world that is now wise to SJWs campy hateful cant isn’t working anymore!

The meeting was a real blast! California Impact Republicans are making an impact and I was there to meet Sheriff Joe!

And I got a cookie, too!

Ted Cruz Chooses Wisely, Votes for Donald Trump

Ted Cruz is a real mensch – or should I write caballero?

Despite the pain and conflicts of the primary season, he is now voting for Trump.

His story is legendary, especially in connection with his impressive, pious, and persuasive father Rafael.

I admit at the outset that he was not my first choice for President. Kurt Schlichter and other conservative bloggers feared that he did not have the national appeal to sweep the country they way that Donald Trump has.

That means nothing to me right now, and I am of the ardent opinion that after another term in the United States Senate (I want him to win, and I am glad that he is already fundraising for his re-election bid).

What was it about Ted Cruz, though, that had so excited me about a Presidential candidate, almost as much as I wanted Scott Walker to win?

1. He stood up to the Democratic and Republican Establishment, without fear of recrimination, in the press or among his colleagues.

2. He has been an outspoken defender of liberty. His fight against the international socialist takeover of the Internet has gotten too little attention, in my view.

3. He voices the concerns of the silent majority. The only setback between him and Trump is that the real estate mogul from Manhattan had commanded the mainstream media with masterful puppetry. A US Senator from Texas cannot count on the desperate media cover the way that Donald took it away.
4. Conservative wags along with Main Street wage earners simply did not know enough about him.
Does that mean he could not have served as a fit and faithful chief executive? Not at all.

In the end, the other liability weighing down his Presidential bid was his lack of time on the national stage, the same problem which hurt Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal, and other outspoken conservatives.
His most admirable moments during the Presidential primary did not get the attention they deserved, either.

Of all the Republicans hustling for voters during the Iowa caucuses, he was the only candidate who refused to support ethanol subsidies. That stance is normally a deal-breaker. Yet Cruz faced off against an ethanol farmer, who firmed told the Cuban-American from Texas: “You are going to lose Iowa.”

Why? Because Cruz refused to bow down to Big Corn and Big Agra.

Instead of pushing aside this outraged voter, Cruz explained, cogently and respectfully, that he was not opposed to ethanol per se. He supported all forms of energy exploration and production. He was dead-set against the subsidies, however, and not just for corn, but for all energy companies and corporate interests.

Isn’t that the war-cry of the Occupy Movement, the Tea Party, and the outraged No Longer Silent Majority?  They are tired of seeing a few well-connected companies pulling the strings of elected officials through a well-financed phalanx of lobbyists.

Cruz opposed this corrupt cartel, and he explained this opposition so effectively, winning over a would-be opponent in the crucial Iowa caucuses.

And he won.

Cruz would struggle in the next three primaries, in part because there were so many candidates punching at each other, while Trump was riding the wave of free media coverage over this fray.
Cruz got back into gear in Texas. He launched some of the most incredible advertising and marketing. He was on the upswing in other key states, like Idaho, Alaska, and then Maine. Who would have thought that a consistent conservative like Cruz would carry away a key win in New England? That unprecedented win has signaled the growing ruby-red groundswell taking over the Pine Tree State. A Republican has not won general election electoral votes in Maine in three decades. Trump is bound to win at least one this time, and he can thank Cruz for helping to make that happen.

But Cruz’ chances crashed in New York State, and then the ACELA primaries that followed (Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island). Why? He exuded a magisterial, academic temperament. He demonstrated an admirable resume married with a quick wit and profound knowledge. Plus he was a stellar debater who silenced the most ardent critics, both on the debate stage, and in public gatherings.

But elections are all about heart-to-heart. Brilliant minds alone do not end in the winner’s circle.
I remember his last fight for votes. In Indiana, another deep red state with the same bent of fiscal and social conservatism, but also married with a turn towards populist sentiment and pragmatic outreach. Cruz couldn’t climb out of the 20% level, and he would later drop out.

It was crushing and sad.

He stood his ground before a large crowd of pro-Trump hecklers, who had chanted “Lying Ted” and mocked his wife’s former connections with Goldman Sachs. Instead of running away, he faced them the same way he answered the Iowa ethanol farmer. How had he ever lied? One which issues did Indiana voters quibble with him?

He never wavered from his conservative convictions, even after dropping out of the race.
I admire Ted Cruz so much. I had no quarrel with his decision not to officially endorse Trump for President at the Convention. How would any of us have felt if someone had directly attacked our loved ones?

Such is politics, but we are human beings, too, and we command respect from our fellows regardless of the circumstances—or pledges.

Today, I admire Senator Cruz’ decision to announce his support for Trump.

Ted CRUZ! (Credit: Gage Skidmore)

After all, #NeverHillary is the battle cry of this election season, too, along with “Make America Great Again.”

While Cruz did not catch on with the electorate the way that Trump did, his outreach and record outline what an incredible conservative, and compelling statesman, he truly is.

Senator Cruz, thank you for inspiring more unity in your party and in your country. I recognize that you are already Making America Great Again, and if you ever want to run for President again, rest assured you will have my vote!