Thursday, November 30, 2017

Why Rocket Man Doesn't Keep Me Awake At Night

Kim Jong-Un fired off another rocket last night. It got close to Japan, supposedly. Friends, neighbors, and even political rivals have called me, terrified about where this military build-up is headed. Trump has mobilized a greater show of force in the Pacific rim. Hawaii is under red alert, prepared for a nuclear attack at any moment.

But as for me, guess what? I don’t care. I may live on the Western rim, but I have survived along the San Andreas Fault all my life, and despite earthquakes, terrors, wars, rumors of wars (and even the LA riots), I am not worried.

First of all, I take God at His Word, and rest in the promises of Psalm 91. Yet even for those who have no spiritual convictions, there is still no reason to be afraid, and even fear itself is not something to worry about. Little Kim represents a brightly-lit yet still dying ember of the Stalinist Resistance, the latest movement of communism which is quickly tumbling into the ash heap of history (except on college campuses, of course).

Communist regimes had a long, storied history of moderating their hardline collectivist, tyrannical, statist stances from generation to generation. As head of the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin killed anyone whom he viewed as a threat. His successor Nikita Khrushchev moderated his dictatorial bearing in part because of pressure from the Inner Party higher brass. Even the politically-connected don’t want to suffer under abject, arbitrary despotism. Forty years later, Mikhail Gorbachev desperately needed economic openness so that the Soviet Union could survive, let alone thrive. President Reagan knew that communism wasn’t cashing in, and Gorbie was willing to play nice. What Reagan also knew, of course, is that once free market reforms and cultural liberty expanded enough, the will and thrill of the Soviet Union would collapse, as happens every time with communism.

In China, Mao Ze-Dong was a ruthless butcher, killing millions in the wake of his Cultural Revolution and the Great Leap Forward. His successor Dieng Xiao-Ping had to permit economic liberal reforms, or the entire country would have collapsed into heaps of starving bodies. The successive Chinese premiers have retained autocratic political power, but economic growth has risen based on free market reforms. Communism is not really communism in China.

In Cuba, despite Obama’s best efforts to prop up a new rapprochement (he should have focused on working with Congress and representing our Republic), Cuba’s record of civil rights abuses will not go unchecked. President Trump is clamping down on their abuses, and has scaled back diplomatic relations. Thank God that Fidel Castro is dead, and his brother Raul didn’t bother to attend his one-year commemoration. Look forward to Little Raul scaling back the repressive communism of his brother’s era as the Trump Administration continues playing hard-play with this serial human rights abuser nation.

North Korea, though, has been a small yet persistent thorn in the side. This dumpy, dark Communistic regime has so far bucked the Communistic trend that as the new guard replaces the old guard of corrupt blood-thirsty cronies, that the regime takes on more moderate stances, in domestic policy if not in rhetoric. Kim Jong-Un has become more belligerent, not less, and the military brass and political establishment in North Korea can’t keep him in line. Remember the rumors about Little Kim feeding his uncles to rabid dogs? Whether those stories are true or not, the fact that such rumors surround the regime exposes Rocketman as a more demented, dogmatic leader. While Grandpa Kim Il-Sung had achieved deity-like status as a propped-up puppet of the Soviet Union, and Daddy Kim Jong-Il would take over and just go for international crime syndicate status, Rocketman is truly nuts!

But still, I am not worried. What we see with Kim Jong-Un is a relentless, spoiled brat who is in the final temper-tantrum death throes of his regime. Like the impetuous Rehoboam in the Bible, he is not listening to any kind of wise counsel, but wants to play rough and tough on the world stage. But it’s not working. If he had weaponry to hurt us, he would have used it by now.

This game of global chicken will not end well for Kimmy Jong Uh-Oh. Unlike Obama, Trump has a backbone, and he’s not afraid to shame the little boy-dictator and put him in his place. The walking zombie-like North Koreans want any kind of relief they can find. More North Koreans are defecting to South Korea and to other parts of Southeast Asia. China is ramping up the sanctions against the futile regime, against closing off the borders.

The latest rocket launch is not a credible threat since they did little damage. Japan’s conservative government has increased their numbers to supermajority status, which means they can amend the nation’s constitution. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s government wants to reinstate a standing army for the country.

I say it’s about time. I do not think that any country should be prevented from protecting itself with a strong army. Japan’s rearmament will not lead to the rise of another brutal dictator like Hideki Tojo. Trump and Abe are good friends. And it’s time for China and North Korea to know that they are not going to push everyone else around in Southeast Asia. The Philippines are taking charge of the vicious drug cartels and Islamic extremists in their country too, even if we find President Duterte’s methods extreme and border-line illegal.

When it comes to international terrorism, we should focus on Iran with more scrutiny. Their theocratic megalomaniacs running that country want to usher in the Islamic apocalyptic age. After all, their last President threatened to blow Israel off the face of the earth! North Korea is run by a brutal, arrogant man-child, but at the end of it all, he is angling for food and more money. Call it dialectical materialism on steroids. The Kim Jong-Un regime has no interest in blowing up the world to push some apocalyptic end.

We the People Rising: No Justice for Kate Steinle, American Citizens

We The People Rising
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The Remembrance Project


July 1, 2015 will forever be etched as the saddest day in the lives of the Steinle family, as their much loved daughter, Kate, died in the arms of her father on San Francisco’s Pier 14, her life forever stolen by a 7-time illegal alien felon and 5-time deportee, who should never have been in our country.

This verdict provides the Steinle family with no measure of justice for this senseless killing, and for whom San Francisco’s Sanctuary City mayor and council refuse to have any real compassion. Sadly, all Stolen Lives Families have experienced similar anguish and inconsolable loss, all reaching the horrifying reality of the direct roll played by the failure of our federal government to enforce the border, and now sanctuary cities have become fully culpable in these killings. Unfortunately, this trial took place inside the sanctuary city of San Francisco, and whose outcome was determined by a jury from the very same populace who voted into office persons who value the lives of illegal aliens over the lives of Americans. The memory of Kate, her family and all of Americans deserve better.

Earlier this month, at the National Remembrance Conference in Washington, DC, all attending Stolen Lives Families expressed their universal support President Donald Trump in his efforts to keep his promise to our families to secure the border and enforce our interior laws. Many of these families previously stood on stage with Trump wearing The Remembrance Project Stolen Lives shirts and courageously told their stories.

This unfair verdict will not end today. We continue to pray for the Steinles, and for all American families, and will continue our efforts at The Remembrance Project to help bring an end to these senseless killings.
Maria Espinoza 

Maria Espinoza
National Director and Co-Founder 
The Remembrance Project

Paid for by The Remembrance Project
P.O. Box 15448
Washington, DC 20003

Disturbing: LA Times Reporter Hailey Branson Photo-Op With Discredited Anti-Semite Helen Thomas

I didn't realize how liberal or biased LA Times Reporter Hailey Branson-Potts would be.

Or is it just Branson? Is she still married? I am not sure.

Anyway, she tried to smear me as unemployed and a dependent.

She also called the group with which I ally a hate group based on an assessment from the discredited hate site The Southern Poverty Law Center.

Now she's writing another article about my lawsuit against the city of Huntington Park for false arrest, but she also contacted the District Attorney's office.

It is very frustrating for me, since I was willing to give the reporter enough trust and access to write information on my behalf. Instead, she wanted to publish a hit piece. There is no justice or integrity in the media business anymore.

Then I get a better glimpse into her political views when I found this photo:

The older lady in red is Helen Thomas.

She was a vicious reporter in the Washington DC area. She had a strong reputation for relentless questions attacking public figures, including the President.

Yet there's more about Thomas which we cannot forget:

WASHINGTON — Helen Thomas, the veteran White House correspondent who was forced into retirement three years ago after declaring that Jews should “get the hell out of Palestine,” died Saturday. She was 92.

Thomas, who died at her apartment in Washington, had been ill for a long time, according to a friend, Muriel Dobbin.

Thomas made her name as a bulldog for United Press International in the great wire-service rivalries of old, and as a pioneer for women in journalism.

She was persistent to the point of badgering. One White House press secretary described her questioning as “torture” — and he was one of her fans.


Thomas' career ended with those remarks. This hostility to Israel is sickening. The Jewish State has every right to exist.

But it gets worse:

Thomas received a prize in journalism from a representative of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

Does Branson look up to Helen Thomas, a pro-terrorist journalist, too?!

Please contact Hailey Branson for an explanation--does she support Anti-Semitism? Does she stand with the terrorist organization Palestinian Liberation Organization?

Cell: (580) 370-1084
Work: (213) 237-5117

LA Times Reporter (Finally) Writes About My Lawsuit Against Huntington Park--But Why Should We Trust Her?

In May and June 2017, LA Times reporter Hailey Branson was following me for a cover story.

Hailey Branson-Potts

She focused on strange aspects of the

I reached out to her again regarding my case against the city of Huntington Park.

I shared with her the following:

The State of the Union: UPDATE: Sanctuary City Has Me Arrested, Refuses to File With DA, Sends Multiple Notices to Appear
The city of Huntington Park disregards the rule of law. They do not honor our immigration laws, and the city council routinely hands out tax...

You tried to smear me in early June, and then tried to paint Trump supporters as violent thugs.

On this part, I was able to upend the story, since she was trying to push a narrative which was simply not true.

The gentleman whose car was surrounded had drawn out his firearm in self-defense.

When I was arrested without a cause, I filed a government claim.

Now I am suing the city in small claims court -- the Huntington Police Department have also REFUSED to file anything with DA -- but still send my notices to appear in Downey Court!

This is abuse on a whole new scale!

She then shared with me that she would follow up on this matter.

Then I thought better about the whole situation.

She had written a hit piece against me in the Los Angeles Times, reporting on the corrupt LA County GOP Central Committee's decision to revoke the charter for the Beach Cities Republicans. Why didn't she investigate the fact that they had refused to release a statement five months prior?

She claims that I am unemployed. I am a freelance journalist, writer, and activist. She focused on a steak sauce bottle when I was recording our conversation.

Now she's investigating what is happening in Huntington Park and what the Huntington Park police department has been doing to me.

Again, what took so long?

After thinking about what's happening with this story,  I had to ask--why would I want to give her a second chance? She tried to smear me, and it did not work. Nevertheless, we as citizens cannot continue to reward bad press agents who push a narrative rather than report the news.

I sent her the following email:

Miss Branson, I've decided that I will be speaking with you further. The hit piece that you wrote about me June 3rd was really uncalled for, and I just really don't see a reason to reward bad reporting. I've decided that I will not be speaking with you.

I noticed that you haven't written the fact that Tom Green was exonerated and the district attorney did not prosecute him for a gun crime following the incident in Cudahy. I have to say I'm really disappointed. I have no further interest to be working with you.

She has reached out to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office:


I have reached out to authorities and the district attorney's office about your case and lawsuit and am writing a story about it. 

I know you said you don't want to speak further, but I wanted to check again: Would you like to comment? 

Honestly, no I don't.

Hailey Branson-Potts with anti-Semite Helen Thomas

She referred to the anti-conservative Southern Poverty Law Center to smear MassResistance, a pro-family group that is dedicated to exposing the lies of the hateful LGBT movement.

Today, I am asking all of YOU to comment:

Please contact Hailey Branson and her editors--tell her to report the truth for once and to stop smearing Trump supporters in Los Angeles County:

Cell: (580) 370-1084
Work: (213) 237-5117

More Winning: LAist and Buzzfeed Cutting Staff, Shutting Down

LAist had been following me, Joseph Turner, and others in the pro-American, pro-law enforcement movement in Southern California.

Julia Wick was also the reporter who cut the video which made it seem as though as a law-abiding retired parole officer had unjustly taken out his firearm to protect himself. Julia Wick followed my on Periscope while I was speaking at another Cudahy City Council meeting.

Wick spent more time focusing on a sign at my feet than actually following the proceedings! Pretty bad journalism, I must say.

At any rate, here's the news I read about LAist, which came from another alternative newspaper that is shuttering down:

Los Angeles news site LAist, along with sister publications in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Washington, were shut down abruptly this afternoon. A note from CEO Joe Ricketts greeted visitors to the sites:

"Progress hasn't been sufficient to support the tremendous effort and expense needed to produce the type of journalism on which the company was founded. I'm hopeful that in time, someone will crack the code on a business that can support exceptional neighborhood storytelling for I believe telling those stories remains essential."


Later in the report, the writer targets the unionization efforts of the media workforce, which likely hastened the demise of the media empire. Wow, I thought that unionization helped workers!

But the winning continues!

Buzzfeed, notorious for their Fake News reputation of smearing the President and his supporters, had to cut major staffing for not making the revenue projections.

BuzzFeed is laying off about 100 employees in the US and restructuring its advertising sales operation amid a tough digital media market.

In an email to staff, BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti said Greg Coleman, a veteran advertising executive and BuzzFeed's president, is transitioning to an advisory role. The cuts in the US, which come from the business operation, reflect about 8% of staff.

BuzzFeed News Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith said in an email to staff that the US news team was not directly affected.

CNBC depicts the deeper impact of these failures:

The layoffs, previously reported by The Wall Street Journal, follow an earlier Journal report that BuzzFeed's revenue may fall up to 20 percent short of forecasts this year. The revenue shortfall is expected to delay BuzzFeed's hotly anticipated initial public offering, according to the Journal's sources.

At that time, BuzzFeed told CNBC: "BuzzFeed grew revenue, content views, unique visitors, and time spent in 2017; we've expanded our ad offering with new products ... and rapidly diversified revenue through commerce, licensing, and development for TV and film."

While the wave of layoffs — reportedly affecting 100 employees — may not be as large as some that have hit the media industry, BuzzFeed was widely considered a digital media darling that was growing rapidly.

You mean that Buzzfeed was supposed to be the new breakout model for digital media?

And they failed? Perhaps it had something to do with all the left-wing banter and bias which had overwhelmed their web page?

At any rate, it's very satisfying that the Fake News press in the Los Angeles/New York areas are taking such a dive, especially when they had been targeted and attacking Trump supporters like me and We the People Rising.

#MeToo: Longest Serving Pervert Demo-Rat Conyers to Retire


That was fast.

John Conyers is currently the longest-serving Democrat in the House of Representatives.

All of that is about to change, after Mike Cernovich and then Buzzfeed exposed the numerous sexual misconduct allegations against him.

Staffers reported about having to serve as his babysitter for his children. There was more talk about flying in paramours to his office. Then there was confirmation that Conyers a taxpayer-funded slush account to settle sexual harassment claims.

Yes, that happened, and yet Alzheimer's Nancy stood by her crony Conyers.

Then the backlash emerged, and Nancy Pelosi could not stand by her man anymore. Another question emerges: when will she demand that Al Franken step down? This is incredible. The Democratic Party were looking at an epic wave of victory going into 2018. The wave of resistance is starting to ebb and break down, however. What will they do when all the Democratic incumbents get washed out, and nobody wants to vote for their successors?

Is it possible that these long-standing Democrats in the heavily-Democratic districts may start electing Republicans or even independents? Anything is possible, I suppose. One state legislative district in Pennsylvania did not even have a Democrat on the formal ballot, but had to wage a write-in campaign in order to win.

Some conservative pundits had argued that Pelosi and by extension Bill Clinton won the sexual misconduct media wars. No, they haven't. They are slowly realizing, instead, that the corrupt, enabling media which they had depended on for years to cover up for their misdeeds is no longer powerful enough or big enough to do so.

The media whores themselves have been exposed for their sexual misdeed, and the major news leaders are dropping off like flies. There is no escape for the rampant disregard for the good of all, men and women, and the sexual harassment which has overwhelmed our governing halls will not stand much longer.

What took so long for all of this abuse and destructive behavior to go unnoticed for so long?

The corrupt, enabling media, and that's why these elites continued to engage in their destructive, evil behavior. No one was going to call them out on it, and even if one or two reports were released, there was not enough mobilized outrage on the right to do something about it.

Now there is! So glad that Conyers is on the way out! No put him in a jail cell!

NewsWEAK Fail: "Ivanka Plagiarizes Her Own Speech"

I cannot believe that the press has sunk to such a low level.

Do they even take themselves seriously anymore? Do they have any self-respect or regard for their craft anymore? No. Instead, they have turned into a 24-7 Anti-Trump Derangement Machine, dedicated to doing whatever they can to smear, shame, and stop the President and his pro-American agenda.

They are still rabid that they could not prevent the President from becoming ... the President. They have all lined up behind Crooked Hillary from the outset, and they were determined to make sure that she was the next Chief Executive. She would complete the circle for the globalist, corporatist international shills who want to enrich themselves at the expense of everyone else. She was an elitist's elite.

Plagiarism means stealing someone else's ideas and using them as if they were your own. No one can plagiarize themselves!

Someone at Newsweek needs a dictionary.

Of course, this gaffe merely reveals how deep the anti-Trump, anti-White House animus has clouded the judgment and integrity of the mainstream media.

They tried to cover their tracks once someone clicks on the link, but it's too little, too late!

Even with this correction, though, another question comes forward:

"Why is this even news?" I mean, who cares of Ivanka used statements from another speech to address entrepreneurship in India?

Keep in mind, I am not a big fan of Ivanka of Jared. They both need to go, in my view, but that's no excuse for the corrupt media to go out of their way to shame her for speaking her own mind a second time!

The Corrupt, Enabling Media

There's no running away from it. The corrupt, liberal media has complicitly stood with the abusers, the rapists, the pedophiles, all the corrupt elite creeps who have gotten away with just about everything imaginable.

The media was supposed to serve as some kind of watchdog for the corruption, the immorality, and the malfeasance of our "betters".

I had no idea how bad it was -- and I know that I am not the only one who feels this way.

The staggering level of perversion is just killing me.

Matt Lauer a sexual predator? Garrison Keller, too?

No wonder media companies were not uncovering the sexual misconduct of the elected officials and the higher-ups. They would soon enough have to come forward about their own despicable conduct.

Since when has there been such an avalanche of corruption and perversion spilling out into the media consciousness?

It's pretty astounding. For about an hour last night, I was kind of troubled by all this sexual perversion spilling out of the top media executives' firms. We the People still need a strong, robust press to help serve as our watchdog for the government.

Then again, maybe that's the problem. We can be our own media, now, and we can play a better watchdog going after the corrupt goings-on in our federal, state, and local governments.

We need to get back to looking at the media as a partisan matter from the outset. During and after the American Revolution, the newspapers were evidently partisan. They never hid their bias, ever. They were clearly Federalist or Anti-Federalist, and nothing would stop them. The press has to stop pretending that they are objective in every sense of the word. It's just not possible.

It is possible, however, to report the truth as events occur. It is possible to narrate events as they happen. There is nothing wrong with choosing which stories one wants to write and print about--but there is a massive problem when the media source claims to be objective when they are not, and when they subscribe to a world view which leads them--and they justify it to themselves--to lie to the public.

Enough is enough. The corrupt, enabling media have been exposed. They covered up for the sexual perversions enacted by liberal elites in corporate America, Hollywood, and the government.

BOE Member Diane Harkey Endorses Steve Bailey for Attorney General

DANA POINT, CALIFORNIA - Board of Equalization Chairwoman Diane Harkey, one of California's highest-ranked Republican elected officials, endorsed Judge Steven Bailey (Ret.) for California Attorney General in 2018. 

"Judge Bailey has dedicated his life to fighting for justice. His deep and multi-faceted knowledge of the judicial system will prove invaluable as our next Attorney General," said Diane Harkey. 
Diane Harkey is the taxpayers’ elected representative on the State Board of Equalization Fourth District. She has a long history of fighting for her constituents in Orange County which includes leading the campaign to incorporate the City of Dana Point in 1989 and served as its Mayor and Council Member. Harkey also represented her community in the California State Assembly from 2008 to 2014.

"Diane Harkey is a dedicated advocate for taxpayers. I’m proud to support her and have her support in my campaign for Attorney General. Together, we will always fight for the taxpayers of California,” said Judge Steven Bailey. 
Press Inquiries Contact:Corey UhdenCommunications Director
(951) 501-9944
P.O. Box 7193, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96158  FPPC#1389776

RED ALERT: Call Congress Now: NO DACA DEAL in Budget

We The People Rising
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Need Help?
Author Photo

Must-pass spending bill could include an amnesty for at least 700,000 illegal aliens!

Thank you to everyone who took action on Tuesday! Since you received that alert, Democratic Leaders canceled a meeting with Pres. Trump to discuss the upcoming spending bill, and Sen. Dick Durbin (Minority Whip) is now urging Democrats to oppose any spending bill that doesn't include an amnesty for DACA recipients. Today, we'd like you to call House GOP Leadership and to send the free message to your Members of Congress if you haven't already done so.
Dear Robin,
It's crunch time! Over the next several weeks, Congress must pass legislation to fund the federal government to avoid a shutdown.
The deadline is next Friday, December 8, but Congress has a history of kicking the can down the road, and one option would be to pass a short-term bill that extends the deadline to sometime later in December. The Washington Post reports today:
With government funding scheduled to dry up on Dec. 8, both sides have floated the possibility of passing a short-term plan that would push negotiations until just before Christmas.
Congress loves to add unpopular provisions to must-pass spending bills, and that's why we're on high alert.
As most of you know, the Trump administration stopped accepting new applications for Pres. Obama's unconstitutional executive amnesty for young illegal aliens (DACA) in September. Since then, both Democrats and Republicans have introduced several proposals that would give a permanent amnesty to DACA recipients. The must-pass December spending bill provides the vehicle to do so.
We've seen this play out before. Congress has used massive spending bills to hide unpopular immigration provisions or tried to pass amnesty when voters were less engaged during the holiday season.
  • Earlier this year, Congress passed a massive spending bill for FY2017 that allowed the Department of Homeland Security to issue additional H-2B low-skill worker visas above the annual cap.
  • In December 2015, Congress passed a massive spending bill for FY2016 that exempted returning workers from the H-2B annual cap.
  • In 2010, Congress tried to attach the DREAM Amnesty to the must-pass National Defense Authorization Act. After that effort failed, it brought a standalone DREAM Act to the floor for a vote during Christmas week before ultimately failing in the Senate.
A handful of high-profile Democratic Senators have announced that they'll withhold support for the spending bill if it doesn't include an amnesty for DACA recipients. To support their efforts, the open-borders lobbying group Partnership for a New American Economy is investing heavily in grassroots lobbying efforts over the next few weeks.
So far, both Pres. Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan have said that they don't want DACA to be included in the December bill.
Which side wins could depend on how much opposition to adding a DACA amnesty to the spending bill lawmakers in Washington hear from their constituents.
fax IconCongress needs to hear from you!
Over the next several weeks, Members of Congress need to hear a constant beat of opposition to adding an amnesty for DACA illegal aliens to the must-pass spending bill. Here are two actions you can take to get you started:
1) Call House GOP Leaders
Speaker Ryan has been vocal about his opposition to DACA's inclusion in the spending bill. He and his Leadership colleagues still need to hear from the voters, however.
Please call the following GOP Leaders in the House and tell them that you oppose adding the DACA amnesty to any must-pass spending bill.
Speaker Paul Ryan -- (202) 225-0600
Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy -- (202) 225-4000
Majority Whip Steve Scalise -- (202) 225-0197
GOP Conference Chair Cathy McMorris-Rodgers -- (202) 225-5107
2) Send a message to your Members of Congress
Click on the red button below to send a free message to your three Members of Congress and a message to House Speaker Paul Ryan urging them not to include an amnesty in any upcoming spending bill.
fax Icon
Send Message
or click

Thank you for your activism,
New Actions