Thursday, March 9, 2017

Another RUNNER!!--Harry Tsang, the West-Cal Puppet Who Sent La Raza Thugs to the West Carson Veterans Hall--BUSTED!

One of the highlights of the evening ...

After I followed Chris Castillo, Joseph Lopez, and John Paul Tabakian out of the West High Library: ...

(FYI--Chris Castillo thinks it's funny that Kathryn Steinle was murdered by a five-time deportee illegal alien)

I returned to the West High Library, and guess who I found!


Now, who is little Henry?

Why, he's the West-Cal thug who told the La Raza protesters were to find the Sheriff Joe Arpaio event in West Carson!

Now who is Harry again?

Oh yeah ... he's one of those West-Cal people!

And he's palzy-walzy with Tabakian and his corruptitos!

AND ...

He's the one who revealed where the South Bay Impact Republicans were hosting their meet-and-greet with Sheriff Joe Arpaio, so that a bunch of thugs could disrupt the meeting.

Here he is on Social Media!

Here is the whole story documented, and connect West-Cal Academy and the whole illegal alien mess.

Those same protesters would call a black woman "a house nigger."

They stole the phone from a veteran.

They also spit at veterans and pushed people down -- on private property which belongs to veterans

Here's the whole video:

And when I confronted Harry Tsang ---


Shame! Shame on West-Cal!

Shame! Shame on Harry Tsang!

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  1. The Democratic Party in general and the CA Dems in particular are terrorist organizations and need to be identified as such, banned and their activities criminalized. Anyone running for office under their fithy banner needs to be disqualified.