Thursday, March 16, 2017

Open Letter to Torrance City Council: Remove Mayor Furey; Remove Jimmy Gow; Investigate WestCal Academy

To the Torrance City Council:

My name is Arthur Schaper.

I am a long-time resident of Torrance, CA.

I have become more alarmed--not less--with the governing decisions of Torrance.

1. There has been no serious consequences following the massive collusion-corruption between Mayor Pat Furey and the McCormick PAC. He should have stepped down or resigned from office by now.

2. The city of Torrance is now moving FORWARD with Community Choice Aggregation -- and the city has appointed Joe Galliani, who has specifically declared that the Torrance Refinery must be shut down. This is irresponsible madness on many levels. CCA is a power grab that will limit the city's power scope while forcing up energy rates.

350 Joe, the Big Green Ho

And Galliani is an activists of dubious repute who has attacked residents in the South Bay who do not adhere to a full-faith belief in "climate change" as a catastrophic necessity which must be dealt with at all costs.

The mayor claims that is not the case, yet why did the city of Torrance move ahead with  participation in the South Bay Clean Power Advisory Committee, which is headed by Joe Galliani?

3. Furey called me a "sicko" because I confronted him and then one of the WestCal Academy operatives who directed violent, abusive protesters to attack a Veterans Hall in West Carson.

Here's the full video of my confrontation with Harry Tsang and then Mayor Pat Furey:
Arthur Schaper: Facebook: Toll Free I...

And here is the post he wrote about me:

4. Jimmy Gow continues to serve as Chairman of the Social Services Commission --why?, especially in connection with his execrable behavior at the Veterans Hall in West Carson.

Here is the video of that incident:
Torrance Democratic Club President Jimmy Gow and a group of violent SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) disrupted a private event held by the South Bay Impact Republicans ...

5. WestCal Academy has an increasingly unethical set of connections with it which need to be explored -- and I want an investigation into the Mayor's increasing connection with this program.

I am fully aware that they are taking in illegal aliens and "Training" to be destructive activists who "protest" private events, like the one mentioned above.

Here are the connections which I have already put together:
This is wrong! This is outrageous! We have to stand up to this abusive behavior. And who else is connected with this hate? Who else is connected with this abusive cult?

Here is a statement from Latinos Por Trump leader Marco Gutierrez:
Latinos Por Trump is the latest group to expose and break away from WestCal Academy. Life is good, and the truth is setting everyone free. I was not kidding when I ...

I have attached the official PDF Press Release from Latinos Por Trump regarding WestCal Academy, to.

6. I am deeply alarmed that the city of Torrance has not official asserted that it is  NOT a sanctuary city. This issue should have been settled by now.

Our local law enforcement must comply with federal immigration laws to the furthest extent feasible.

It sounded as though Mayor Furey was flirting with introducing a resolution for Torrance to become a sanctuary city:

This pattern of abuse, corruption, malfeasance, and dubious behavior must cease!

Thank you.

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