Friday, March 31, 2017

Grindall61 Helps Me Out in a YUGE Way!

I just want to take a little time to show my appreciation for Grindall61.

I will respect his pseudonym for the time being until he states what he would prefer at another time.

Here are the great compilations he has put together for me and my South Bay Republican/conservative team.

Before I was uploading my own videos to YouTube, he was detailing my remarks to city council meetings and other events.

The first video he recorded of me, on August 17th, 2015, the first city council meeting after the corrupt Huntington Park City Council appointed two illegal aliens to city commissions.

Here's another one in Huntington Park:

The first time he reached out to me to put together a video, he had watched the videos of the creepy, crappy SJW's who had attacked a veterans hall in West Carson:

He particularly enjoyed the crazy black girl dressed up in pink:

She was pretty entertaining--and she took stupid and brainwashed to a whole new level.

No longer scary, but desperate, to say the least!

Then Grindall61 put together an more chilling collage of what this country would be facing if Donald Trump did not win the Presidency (replete with La Raza conuest and domination):

Then he put together this great compilation about me.

A gossip rag went after me in Orange County, which actually increased my name recognition and impact.

Grindall61 told me that he can't wait for some newnspaper or magazine to draw a caricature of him, too!

He then featured the insanity then abuse of the Claremont City Council meeting, complete with screaming SJWs, communist professors, illegal aliens, the theft of my phone, and the last hurrah after my public comment:

He helped me out shortly thereafter when I went after the corrupt mayor of Torrance, CA, the reprobate RINOs who run WestCal Academy, and finally Harry Tsang, WestCal's digital coordinator (whatever that means).

This is my favorite video by far from Grindall61 which features my videos:

This video above was particularly welcome because he put together in one clean series of frames how Harry Tsang coordinated with the corrupt, pro-illegal WestCal Academy and instigated the direction of those SJWs to the Veterans Hall in West Carson, CA.

Please put that video above on full blast--want to make sure that we do everything in our power to get rid of Mayor Pat Furey (it should be "Fury") and bring better governance back to Torrance, CA.

In this video, Grindall61 compiled my interviews and discussions with the left-wing lunatics who want to blame Breitbart for all their woes.


This is so much fun. and a real honor.

Here's another great speech of mine that he recorded:

In addition to compiling the videos, Grindall61 lists my YouTube channel and the articles I have written about key issues, events, and demonstrations which I have attended.

Thanks for the help, Grindall61!

Click here to follow him on YouTube, too!

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