Wednesday, March 22, 2017

LA for Trump: Protest Against Sanctuary Cities in Downtown Los Angeles

During the St. Patrick's Day Party in Long Beach, members of LA for Trump wanted to ...


Outreach and opportunity make all the difference. It's nice to go to parties. It's nice to meet with fellow Trump supporters and celebrate his victories.

But there is a big blue sea of lost political souls out there in Los Angeles County, and nothing is going to change staying in our safe spaces and meeting with fellow conservatives.

So, with so many Trump supporters in one place, what was going to stop us from rallying against sanctuary cities?


Within one hour, LA for Trump was rally on the Spring Street side of LA City Hall:


March 18 in the evening worked out to be the perfect timing. There were no scheduled protests. Instead of hordes of hatemongers, a few passersby spoke to us. 

Most of them were surprised to see Trump supporters stumping for the President ...

and against sanctuary cities.

Within minutes, LA for Trump received this incredible reception:

This woman did not hold back her disdain for illegal immigration:

And while this woman was emphatic about every immigrant entering this country LEGALLY, another young man walked across the street.

His name is Justin, and he admired our courage for standing out there.

He ended up joining us for the rest of the rally!

He's only 16 years old!

Already, we have more reason to hope for the future!

A few more minutes passed by, and two black ladies approached us to talk!

They were willing to listen to us, but they thought that Trump was more of an actor than a real leader:

This is what we are all about.

LA for Trump is reaching out and turning blue hearts red.

Then we headed for the corner of First and Spring Street so that more people driving or walking by could see us:

Here's some shots of the LA for Trump team:

Yes, there were haters, but we just shake them off:

Then this group of very rude, natty girls wanted to "Talk to us", and they spent more time mocking other people rather than listening.

One of the ladies was visiting from Singapore, and they acted as though they had all the answers on immigration, and we were backward bigots.

Reminder, the woman in the blue dress had flipped us off ...

We won't stop stumping for Trump!

After we were attacked by a bunch of thug skateboards, LA for Trump continued to speak the truth about Trump, trade, and his immigration policies.

One family witnessed what happened to us. They were willing to listen, and we corrected a major mistake that many people keep repeating:

Donald Trump is not going to deport immigrants--if they are in the country legally!

More people came to speak to us:

 A couple of racist activists got in our face and tried to silence our support for Trump.

But we pushed back:

These two ladies kicked butt!

This guy was completely confused! He kept playing this "white privilege" card.

It was weird:

(This video showed up on Vidmax, too!)

So much happened, that I will focus on those events in separate blog posts, including what LA for Trump did about the thugs who attacked us.

Check out our final moments on First and Spring Street below:

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