Sunday, March 19, 2017

Amnesty, Heresy, Insanity: "Jesus Was Undocumented"

Just to demonstrate who insane the regressive Left has become in this country, check out the video below, recorded by God-fearing, pro-enforcement activists We the People Rising:

They arrived an hour early on Wednesday, March 15, 2017

They gathered in front of the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Station to protest SB 54, a piece of legislation forcing its way through the California State Legislation.

If passed this bill will turn the entire state of California into a "sanctuary state".

Except, it won't.

This "sanctuary city" status will actually ensure that every person in the United States illegally--an illegal alien--will be protected from federal immigration customs and enforcement officials.

The state of California will not deliberately cooperate with federal officials to deport illegal aliens. The state officials will also direct county and local officials not to cooperate with ICE.

This is amnesty. This is lawless heresy. This is insanity.

Does the California Democratic supermajority in Sacramento really believe that they can defy federal law? Do they really think that they can toy with established laws and deem every illegal alien in the state of California a "quasi-citizen" with a set of bills and the stroke of the pen?

Whatever one may call these extra-legal shenanigans, these desperate moves will not have a happy ending.

We the People Rising have slammed cities throughout the state, especially in Southern California, where majority-minority cities run by corrupt city councils have looked for every way to protect their careers through piecemeal de facto amnesty proposals.

City councilman Chris Garcia led the charge to turn Cudahy, California into a sanctuary city in 2015, even though his decision precipitated ICE agents entering into the city and periodically deporting illegals in the city since then. His media stunt did not prevent law-abiding citizens from turning up the heat on his pay-for-play relationships with private vendors--including personal friends of his.

Huntington Park, California is a third-world hell-hole compared to surrounding cities with better management personnel (including Bell Gardens and Downey, CA). The city council approved the appointment of two illegal aliens to city commissions! This is beyond outrageous!

It's amnesty. It's heresy. It's complete insanity.

The gravest irony of all? The city of Huntington Park's council chambers has emblazoned a scripture on its back wall: "Where there is no vision, the people perish." Evidently, that city is perishing, and all their prayers to God will go unanswered as long as the militantly refuse to recognize the truth.

Now that Donald Trump is President of the United States, our Modern Day Cyrus is protecting the rights and wealth of American citizens. He is laying down the law with foreign leaders (Germany must pay its fair share of NATO costs, for example). He is also drawing the line on state and local officials who have thumbed their noses at the rule of law.

California wants to go sanctuary state? Let's see how long they last without the billions (or is it trillions?) of dollars in federal funding.

This will not end will, considering that at the vast majority of cities are flirting with bankruptcy over pension debt and other over-generous, unfunded liabilities eating away at the dwindling local, county, and state coffers.

But instead of dealing with the basic demands and essential necessities of governance, California Democratic leaders want more amnesty. They will protect illegal aliens at all costs, all while taxpaying citizens fight back or flee the state.

Which brings me to the latest upset/outrage from the perverse open borders lobby.

San Bernardino County is fighting back against illegal immigration. Law enforcement in that county (among many others) does not want California to turn into a playground for illegal aliens.

Yet instead of standing with local law enforcement, amnesty advocates--with a Roman Catholic priest joining their efforts.

The words which stuck out and stung me the most?

"Christ was undocumented."


This is amnesty. This is heresy. This is totally immoral, unjust, unbiblical insanity.

Jesus is not a piece of paper. He is the Word made flesh.

Jesus was not in this world against the rule of law or men. He is the fulfillment of the Law, having come to His own, even if they did not receive Him.

He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life--all of which is well-documented in the Old and New Testament.

Jesus never sanctioned disobedience to any nation's laws.

Borders and walls are well-spoken of and well-received throughout Scripture. Distinctions between truth and error define Jesus' ministry on earth, and His lordship forevermore at the right hand of His Father and our Father.

This is not just offensive, it's patently sad, even laughable that pro-amnesty forces must resort to such frauds.

What is really going on here? Why these massive distortions of Christ Jesus, especially among church "leaders"?

The glaring obfuscation is designed to make it seem as though supporting open borders, eroding the distinction between citizen and non-citizen is actually a godly act--and anyone who opposes this destructive undermining of our national sovereignty and character is a narrow-minded, xenophobic bigot.

Haven't they heard? Even heaven has gates, and there will be "Extreme vetting."

Any man who preaches any other Gospel besides Jesus Christ, and Himself Crucified for our sins--Let him be accursed. Jesus never expected guilt-ridden lawlessness to define a nation. The Gospel is for all people, for all who believe on the name of Jesus. The answer to the world's problems will not be found in breaking into another country or stealing their resources and identity.

It's time for the heretical, insane amnesty advocates (especially "religious leaders" to stop misusing Jesus and distorting His forever-mission of saving fallen man and restoring him to his divine place within Him. They need to respect the laws of all countries and stop aiding and abetting criminal international trespass, a.k.a illegal immigration.

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