Thursday, March 16, 2017

Torrance Mayor's "Town Hall"--Lots of Fun!

I had a lot of fun at the #WhyTorrance Town Hall headed by Mayor Pat Furey.

He was hoping for an easy forum in which he can pat himself on the back and tell everyone what a great mayor he is.


I had a lot of questions for the Mayor--and instead of answering my questions, he wanted to avoid me then ignore me.

But I was not going to be put aside.

He gave me the impression that only certain types of questions would be tolerated.


I noticed that there was one police officer in the room.


He stayed close by me during this Town Hall.

Not sure what he was worried about ...

Towards the end of the townhall, Furey actually started taking questions from the audience!

First, I demanded answers on the WestCal group that kisses his feet. Another member of the audience actually pressed him for answers!

Notice here that the mayor told me to be quiet!

Here was my first question:

Here, Tracy Hopkins asked about Community Choice Aggregation:

Then came the issues about Torrance as a sanctuary city:

After the townhall ended, I directly confronted the mayor about the McCormick PAC:

And finally, I followed him out and confronted him about the other perversities that he is engaging in:

Final Reflection

I am grateful to all the support that the Beach Cities Republicans board and membership to me and others.

Tracy was the key supporter for me on this evening. She prodded Furey about CCA, and I had the chance to follow up on him.

More residents in the city have told me that they are glad that I confronted the mayor. He showed his real nature, someone who is angry, prone to blame others, unwilling to take ownership of his own failings, more interested in lashing out at others.

It's time to put an end to this guy's reign of terror/error.


  1. Seems to me you were lucky those cops were there. I would've beat the shit out of you had you talked to me that way, and I'm pretty sure the mayor would've flattened you. Those cops kept you so safe you felt like you could say anything. Come talk shit like that to me in private and see how far you get and what happens to your precious phone.

  2. Following people with a phone screaming accusations and strange questions without any coherence is not activism. It's strange behavior that would get you hurt in real life. Be happy he is a public figure and you can get away with this weirdness. Go back to Vons and bagging groceries.