Sunday, March 19, 2017

Ben Shapiro at the University of Redlands: Intersectionality and Its Discontents

Conservative columnist, author, and speaker Ben Shapiro gave his latest talk at the University of Redlands.

This was a welcome surprise for me, since I did not know about this event until the very day: March 15, 2017.

It was worth the drive, in spite of the heavy traffic and the long distance.

Dr. Robert Newman and his wife Mary, members of We the People Rising  met me there since they live in Redlands, with a large farm and everything that goes with it.

We had dinner before the event. It's a really charming  place, even though it was 30 degrees hotter out there!

The University of Redlands is beautiful, especially the chapel/auditorium where Shapiro was set to speak:

When I lined up, I didn't realize that I had to purchase tickets in advance.

Then as soon as I got behind the line, one lady right in front of me sold me one of her extra tickets! It was perfect timing on every level.

I met a good friend of mine, and of We the People Rising: conservative radio host Donald Dix:

Here are some photos I took of the event:

Check out this video of Shapiro's talk (the first twenty minutes):

Here are some shots during his talk

A large number of people (mostly supporters) lined up to ask Ben their questions:

He then signed books for his fans.

He ave us all a thumbs up!

Final Reflection

The Left is all about labeling and ranking people.

There is a hierarchy of victimhood, with LGBT at the top, and straight white males at the bottom.

Being a straight, white male makes you the most evil person in the world--and lots of straight white males laughed and cheered at that remark.

What was really refreshing, though, was that Shapiro, like a growing number of people in the center as well as on the right, are upending this victim-grievance industry.

No one is a victim in this society. Hard word, dedication to principle, and wise decisions all but assure success in life, especially in the United States.

This is great to hear, especially on a college campus.

One of the best lines of the talk: "America is a safe space."


It's very encourage to see college students stump for the truth. Not every college student is a razor-blade snowflake dedicated to blaming someone else for their problems.

Let's hope that Ben Shapiro makes more visits to college campuses closer to the South Bay in the near future!

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