Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Why I Am a Republican and Trump Supporter

At the Culver City City Council, before I spoke out against their criminal proposal to become a sanctuary city, I spoke during general public comment.

I declared why I am a Republican--and why I am a Trump Supporter

Republicans spend too much time defending individual officials and past Presidents.

They do not spend enough time defending and expanding upon Republicans' history in fighting for the rights of all, and ending special privileges for others.

Republicans formed to end slavery and polygamy.

They fought for civil rights.

They found against communism.

They have continued to fight for individual liberty and constitutional rule.

Free markets, free enterprise, and free people, among other factors about the Republican Party.

I am also a vocal supporter or Donald Trump.

He has done more to advance Republican policies than previous Presidents. I am glad that he is our President.

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  1. Everyone cites this problem or that as a symptom of America's decay. Everyone talks, but no action. How about treating the cause of the problems and not the symptoms? The cause is the Democratic Party. It has been a terrorist organization since the days of Andrew Jackson and continues as one to this day. THAT is what must be said. LOUDLY AND TO ALL WHO WILL HEAR IT. The Democratic Party in all the states needs to be declared terrorist organizations and supporters of terrorism. They need to be banned, their activities criminalized, their candidates for office disqualified, their so-called "leaders" arrested and prosecuted, and their financial supporters indicted under RICO. The main supporter, the Communist Party, likewise needs to be exposed, uprooted and driven OUT. Isn't membership in the Communist Party illegal to begin with? I thought that it was. The obaman and hildebeast are merely the latest manifestations for the evil that pervades the Democratic Party or "Parties." They need to be charged, arrested, tried and convicted of high crimes and misdemeanors as appropriate. Likewise the state and local "bosses," including various labor leaders. No, I am not advocating a "single party." There are plenty of "3rd parties" that would eagerly fill the void by the absence of the Dems. And THEY might even be "loyal opposition.

  2. Valentina BankheadMarch 29, 2017 at 1:20 PM

    Kiddos to you Arthur C. Schaper. You stood tall and continue to speak on behalf of our President Donald J. Trump and the party that supports him. The mockery of the Democratic Party and it's constituents is sad, insulting and disappointing to We The People. It shows their tacky transparency and shallow morals.
    Keep pushing on! The truth, the dominant tendency and our our main priority, Trump, will set us free! #MAGA my friend!