Thursday, March 30, 2017

State Senator Ben Allen Will Vote to turn California into a Dangerous Sanctuary State

Just when I thought that the California Democratic Party and their minions could not get any worse ...

Here comes SB 54.

This legislation is opposed by large segments of California's population, Republican and Democratic voters, along with Independents.

Voters of all backgrounds oppose this perverse move to turn the entire state of California into a sanctuary state.

I have spoken with residents in the city of Torrance, and they are deeply concerned about this legislation.

Much to my dismay, I spoke with staffers in State Senator Ben Allen's office.

State Senator Ben Allen

He is going to vote for SB 54!

This is unconscionable.

I presented to the staffers the following information to oppose this terrible bill.

This law will

1. Undermine public safety

2. Frustrate law enforcement

3. Endanger innocent lives

4. Enable and even Invite illegal aliens to come to the state of California.

I showed the state senator's staff the picture of four Californians killed by illegal aliens including Kate Steinle and Ruben Morfin.

Then the staffer dropped the bomb on me:

"Senator Allen has decided that he will vote for SB 54."

This announcement was a  gut blow.

I demanded answers why. The staffer simply told me that he did not know why.

"I cannot read minds."

Pretty snide, if I may say so!

This is wrong.

We cannot have the state of California turning into a haven for criminal fugitives. This is all wrong.

Contact his office and demand that Senate Ben Allen change his mind without hesitation:

PHONE: (916) 651-4026
FAX: (916) 651-4926

2512 ARTESIA BLVD., #320
REDONDO BEACH, CA 90278-3279
PHONE: (310) 318-6994

FAX: (310) 318-6733

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