Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Redondo Beach Rejects CCA Study (More to Follow)

The Redondo Beach City Council meeting was fun--and interesting.

At first, I thought it was going to turn into one of those long-term knock-down drag-out meetings.

After all, most of the contentious issues ususally get discussed at the end of the meeting, when everyone is too tired to stay, or they have already left for the evening because they have to wake up for work the next day.

But in Redondo Beach, everything that needed to be taken care of -- got taken care of in a timely manner.

So, let's go to the Community Choice Aggregation proposal:

a.  Receive and file the South Bay Clean Power Working Group’s draft Business Plan and Joint Powers Authority Agreement; and
b.  Direct staff to perform an analysis of the Business Plan, Joint Powers Authority Agreement and the City potentially joining the South Bay CCA program as well as the Los Angeles County CCA program and return with recommendations.

Hermosa Beach is already dithering on this nonsensical idea.

It is the most Orwellian named program yet.

Community Choice Aggregation does not help the community, does not promote choice, and it aggregates power the few, to a select group at the expense of everyone else. 

But the city of Redondo Beach if continuing forward with this Big Green agenda, which will not drive down costs, but will put taxpayers on the hook for more government, all while individual cities lose power.

And there is no viable example of CCA actually working.

Two cities have moved forward with studies into Obamacare for the Energy Industry--West Hollywood and Santa Monica. Those two cities are not exactly a ringing endorsement for fiscal discipline or common sense. After all, Santa Monica actually discussed banning toy guns from the city in order to stop gun violence.

Yes, Santa Monica did that. Seriously.

Gary Mlynek and Perry Johnson joined me at the Redondo Beach city councl meeting to protest this very misguided program. I almost left because I feared that too much would pass before I could speak.

But I am glad that I stayed.

The local press were there to cover what was happening. The Beach Reporter took photos of our small team standing up against CCA. We even had signs from the leader against this Big Green Agenda Tracy Hopkins.

Hi, My name is Joe Galliani!
Here are a few videos of the CCA presentation, all from our best friend 350 Joe Galliani:

Here is the second video:

The discussion which followed from the city council was interesting.

I was really glad that Mayor Steve Aspel asked a number of probling uesitons about this program. "Why is Hermosa Beach looking into four different versions of CCA?"

Good question. More importantly, though, why are residents waking up and pushing back against this proposal?

Because the residents recognize that it's costly with no benefit. The city of Hermosa Beach has turned into a $1 million ghetto, in which the sewer system is wasted, the roads need repair, and there is no fire station for the local department.

The residents of that city have had enough.

Councilwoman Emdee shared concerns about the city directing staff to work on reviewing and investigating this proposal. 10% of their time would have to go into CCA review!

That was too much for her.

At the final vote on whether to pursue investigation into CCA, the final vote:

Emdee: No

Sammarco: Abstain -- This was a welcome surprise! I had thought he was going to approve the program, since he is a hardcore leftist.

Brand: Yes--no surprise

Horvath: Yes

The city manager declared that the motion FAILED!


Of course, when I confronted 350 Joe about this latest setback to this Big Green scheme, he was not to happy:

He called fat, and claimed that I was gaining weight.

He also called my jacket "a blouse."

Very professional. Then Galliani claimed that he was "a lover."

Huh? The man sounds like a real hate-monger. Why do these "progressives" have to resort to insults and hatred?

Because they are lying. The whole climate alarmism movement and the CCA agenda is based on lies. The science is less conclusive than ever. The polar ice caps which Al Gore claimed would have melted away, have actually gotten thicker. There are a number of historical trend which show increased warming, and then increased cooling trends around the world.

Todd Loewenstein on the Left: "O God, it's Arthur!"
350 Joe in the middle:
TBR Reporter on the right

And the planet is still turning, and there are no polar bears in Manhattan Beach.

Then he resorted to the same left-wing shame tactics, like telling me that I was talking to loud.

FYI: the racist bullies in the South said the same thing to black people when they were fighting for recognition of their civil rights. "You need to lower your voice! Stop shouting!"

To the credit of The Beach Reporter, the journalist on hand asked very serious questions, like how could this CCA program actually lower costs when the program is pushing for more intensity and intervention. "It sounds impractical."

In his usual bullying fashion, Galliani shamed him with "You haven't been keeping up" then proceeded to throw out a bunch of mumbo-jumbo.

Then Galliani started attacking me. Wow, who knew that a bully would not like getting push-back?

Anyway--please feel free to share the video below--and let everyone in the 14 cities around the South Bay know that CCA is facing more setbacks and is a shoddy, wasteful fraud based on bad science.

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