Thursday, March 30, 2017

Miracle: California City REVOKES Its Sanctuary Status

More good news!

Another city--and in Northern California, no less--refuses to go sanctuary.

If they can take a stand in Northern California, then no other state has any reason to cave to Big Amnesty.

On Monday, the city of Pittsburg, California, announced it will not opt to become a sanctuary for refugees.

Pittsburg attorney Ruthann Ziegler cited the reason behind the decision to revoke the city’s sanctuary status is the concern of the town council over losing federal funding if it does not comply with the Trump administration’s orders.

Did you read that?

The city REVOKED its sanctuary status! Thats is so cool!

I thought that this kind of thing only happened in other states, but not in California.

“The short-term risk of sanctuary is an immediate loss of funds,” said Ziegler. “The long-term risk is unknown.”

Well, how about that?

I wonder if more states will take the same stance and choose to be safe (and compliant) rather than sorry.

The Pittsburg city council held a meeting with the public to discuss the decision. In the town of 60,000, a significant number of citizens voiced concern over the decision to council officials.

Arturo Fernandez, a Mexican immigrant and U.C. Berkeley grad student, told the council: “I am here with hundreds, if not thousands, of people who are not afraid anymore.”

They will be afraid now!

The arrogance is going down fast! They are not going to get away with anything anymore

And the corrupt Attorney General Xavier Becerra cannot protect them.

Another opponent of the decision told the council: “This will only encourage persons to come here illegally.”

No it won't. Revocation of sanctuary status ensures that more people will stop coming illegally in the first place!

“If somebody is a criminal, or on drugs, or whatever, then yes, take them and deport them,” said restaurant owner Johny Khalilieh, who is also a local math teacher. “We have a diverse culture here in Pittsburg. Everybody watches for each other. And I would hate to see some of my customers disappear.”

Read that agan. Mr. Khalilieh has to work two jobs to make due in the city.

That's insane! Does he really want to bring in more competition for work?

Oh wait, maybe he wants the cheap labor provided by illegal aliens.

The police were present at the event, in which Police Chief Brian Addington assured citizens that the department does not typically ask for documentation from Pittsburg citizens:

“Our role is not to enforce immigration laws. We don’t intend to start enforcing immigration laws. ICE has been in our community and made an arrest just within the past two weeks, and it’s the first time that’s happened, to our knowledge, in years.”

How about that? Law enforcement is getting the job done.

The city of Pittsburg received $60 million in annual federal funding in the last four years. The funding goes toward housing subsidies, street repair, code enforcement, fighting crime, and maintaining a dozen non-profit agencies within the city.

That's right!

If cities don't want to get left out of the federal funding, then they need to follow federal law!

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  1. Were these pro-sanctuary city people residents of Culver City, or did you have the impression they were from elsewhere? Traveling from town to town...
    Thank you so much for your good work