Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Hawaii RI-NO: Beth Fukumoto Jumps Ship, Abandons GOP Ohana

Is there any hope left for the Hawaiian Islands?

They could probably lock up every Democrat in the state legislature and in local office, and the establishment Hawaii Republican Party would still lose.

The party leadership outside and inside the state legislature just sells out and shuffles along, more content to play nice rather than get down and fight for what is right.

This generic strain of "Nice-Nice" tends to plague the Republican Party as a whole. Rather than get a little dirty in the fight for life, liberty, and the pursuit if happiness, Republican party leaders and elected officials want to stay away from the fray, while they allow the Democratic Party to get away with all kinds of dirty deeds, which sully the nature of our country and taint the government process against taxpaying citizens and in favor of corrupt, connivcing special interests.

This collusion of corruption and cowardice is on full display in Hawaii which has turned into anything but a paradise.

Thanks a lot, Helen!

Freddy Mercury was wrong
We have lots of time for losers!
Now Beth Fukumoto, the liberal wannabe GOP Minority leader has abandoned the Republican caucus and joined the Democratic Party.

Really, though, Fukumoto was a traitor to the GOP Ohana from the beginning.


Eric Ryan, President of the Hawaiian Island Republican Assembly, has issued the following press release:

For Immediate Release

March 22, 2017

Eric Ryan - HIRA President


Honolulu, Hawaii -- The Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA) believes that disgraceful Beth Fukumoto is an absolutely perfect fit for the Democrat Party which has severely harmed Hawaii for the past 62 years; with failed and punishing policies that have caused half of Hawaii residents to struggle from paycheck to paycheck and which force children Beth's age and younger to leave Hawaii for the mainland because the very Democrats Fukumoto idolizes have destroyed any real job opportunities here while ratcheting up our terrible cost of living.

It's really no wonder that chameleon Beth Fukumoto identifies with being a power-starved, overtaxing, reckless spending island Democrat.  The reason her defection comes as a surprise is because the news media has consistently failed to reveal that Beth Fukumoto has been threatening and teasing this defection for more than two years; long before Donald Trump ever ran for president and long before Beth thought to exploit Trump as an excuse to enlist in the powerful Democrat Machine where her voting record won't need to change one bit.
Now that the closet Democrat has officially become an actual Democrat, let's take stock of the fact that she wants to join the party responsible for 62 years of failed policies that she has fully embraced since running for office in Mililani. Yes, Beth Fukumoto now has a fitting home to call her own. A place where her consistent votes on legislation and high taxes and wasteful spending make more sense.
The Kabuki drama with the predictable ending is now over. Fukumoto made herself as famous as possible with the anti-Trump, GOP-hating crowd by infiltrating the Republican Party, pushing it in a more liberal direction, and then burning it down on her way out the door. She calls the GOP a "failing party", but she was one of the leaders which consistently used her position and authority to guarantee our party would fail by being completely indistinguishable from the Democrats she so admires.

With HIRA being credited for outing Beth Fukumoto as a Republican In Name Only, or RINO, we are happy to see her go.  She's been a practicing Democrat since she was elected four years ago.  More importantly, it should be reported and remembered that on bumbling GOP chairman Fritz Rohlfing's watch, we've lost the GOP Senate Leader (Sam Slom) and our 2nd GOP House Leader in a row (Aaron "Ling" Johanson before Fukumoto), in addition to an appalling downward trend which would cause any other organization leader to resign out of shame and humiliation.
Republicans statewide are anything but inconsolable about Fukumoto's long-signaled departure. In fact, Republicans have been embarrassed that top GOP leaders like Rohlfing have been begging Fukumoto to stay in our party.  But you don't cure cancer by leaving in the tumor.
Today, the Democrats got another rubber stamping drone in their ranks and the Republicans got a fresh political target in Mililani named Beth Fukumoto, formerly Beth Fukumoto-Chang.
Now, she must prepare herself to become another faceless Democrat politician among many, toiling in obscurity and wondering why she volunteered to become another puppet; another cog in the broken, corrupt, self-serving machine.
Goodbye, Beth Fukumoto. Don't let the door hit you in the okole on the way out.

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