Tuesday, March 28, 2017

California Schemin': Norma Torres' Staff Denies Us Entry to Town Hall Because ...?

Illegal Alien Congresswoman Norma Torres has a lot of fans.

Or at least she has a lot of money to get them to attend a town hall.

The creepy illegal who talked about f----king people's mothers could not help himself.

Sometimes, all you have to do is sit back and watch these raging leftists hang themselves.

This woman tried to play the "Veterans" card and the service card against me.

She claimed that Congresswoman Torres cares about  veterans. Then why does Torres want to hand out benefits and legal status to illegal aliens, while veterans are abandoned in government hospitals, and in some cases left to die on secret wait lists or in showers?

The poor health care which veterans receive in VA centers is beyond abysmal. They deserve better, so much better.

When she pressed my on whether I was serving my country or not, I simply respond: "I am serving right now."

Please, liberals, military service is not an eternal get-out-of-logic free card. I also slammed her for supporting a Congresswoman who was undermining the very Constitution which she had sworn to uphold against enemies, both foreign and domestic.


Of course, we would encounter desperate double-standards throughout the signing in process. Some people just walked up to the counter and got town  hall tickets--without writing down their address!

Tressy Capps exposed that one of the people who got a ticket just like that did not even live in the district!

We had no problem giving the staffers a hard time. They deserved it!

I also could not help myself asking them questions about Obamacare, immigration, and other issues.

Once again, these liberals say the funniest things--and expose how misinformed, ignorant, and deeply arrogant.

That creepy lady with pink hair was a hoot. She took crazy and silly to another level.

Tressy Capps was bold, refusing to accept "no" from the illegal alien Congresswoman and her staff. She tried to get into the town hall. So did Gary Grindall. I followed after them.

But they closed the door on us.

I put my camera into the auditorium to record what I could see in there. I noticed that there was space--certainly on the second floor. The staffers insisted that the auditorium was full.

Sure it was.

Notice the  further comments from the Ontario Police, who asked me to step down from the auditorium step.

While I was protesting, this crazy lady in purple got vocal, then violent as she grabbed my sign and threw it away from me.

I then let her have it, and demanded her arrest:

This woman was screaming, yelling, completely out of her mind with fright.

She didn't expect pro-Trump supporters to show up and stand up for their rights to Freedom of Speech and association.

Eventually, she ran away.

There may be another chance for me or another member of our team to hold her accountable. That day will come--or at least she will do her best to stay out of the spotlight for the time being.

After the Torres staffers made it crystal clear that we would not be allowed to enter the town hall, I struck up conversations with other people outside the auditorium.

This young man wanted to champion refugees and illegal aliens, rather than defending Americans:


Then I invited Angel Mom Agnes Gibboney to talk to this misguided young man:

If nothing else, she opened the young man's eyes a little bit,

Here are a few other videos from the Torres town hall that wasn't:


Final Comments:

The videos recording by Grindall61 as well as Tressy Capps and others have gone viral.

Illegal Alien Torres blocked law-abiding citizens from entering a public meeting. The hateful rhetoric and despicable ignorance of the friendly constituents was a welcome consolation prize for me, in that more people around the country--and around the world--can relax knowing that these liberals are stewing in their self-righteousness bitterness. The next "progressive" Presidential candidate went down in defeat (Sanders) and a crooked crony, the very thing they claim to hate, received the Democratic Party nomination.

What do they have left? The vain hopes that California will secede from the United States--and that's not going to happen. All the liberal baby boomers are finally hearing "No" to their lunatic agenda, and there is nothing they can do about it.

Norma Torres will remain stuck in the minority for at least the next five years, and President Trump will hustle to secure our borders, bring back jobs, and Make America Great Again.

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