Thursday, March 16, 2017

Like Father Like Son: Pat Jr. Mocks Me (and Demeans People With Special Needs)

Patrick Furey, the corrupt mayor of Torrance, CA, has called me a sicko and then claimed that I was troubled.

This is another petty Saul Alinksy tactic, which before that was a silencing tactic used by the Soviet Union to remove dissidents.

Just claim that they are crazy or simple-minded, or mentally retarded.

Mayor Furey is on board with this shameful name-calling.

Everyone should know the motto "Like Father, Like Son."

Pat Furey Jr. has the same problems.

Check out his rant against me and others below:

So, Pat Furey Jr. claims that I have special needs?

What is that supposed to mean?

Then he demeans men and women who have developmental disabilities?

What kind of man would say such things?

His mother Terry Furey works in the public school system. Did she teach her son to have such a disdain for young special ed students in our schools?

Disgraced son of disgraceful mayor, Pat Jr.:
"I don't like Arthur! He's a retard!"

Since when did speaking out against corruption, against bad leadership in any city amount to "having special needs."

Wow--that is just distasteful!

Shame on them!

Of course, why would Pat Jr. engage in such hateful rhetoric towards me and then also demean people with developmental issues and special needs?

Because I was part of a larger Torrance coalition which demanded his removal from the Torrance Traffic Commission following a third conviction for FPPC violations. Click her for more information.

And like all spoiled children who have gotten away with rampant wrongdoing, he's still hurt because he finally got caught!


  1. What's the problem? Doesn't everybody know you have a disability? it's pretty obvious by your behavior.

  2. Aren't you gay too?

  3. Pretty sure he was degrading you, not special needs people. Seemed like he was defending your strange behavior by putting it in perspective. You do have some form of disorder, don't you?