Sunday, March 26, 2017

Kevin De Leon Tweets About "Former Immigrant"--HUH?

State Senator Kevin De Leon takes ignorance to new heights.

Is anyone alarmed that the state senate President Pro Tem is so blindingly uninformed on the most fundamental issues, especially when he shoves legislation through Sacramento?

Check out his take-down on firearms:

He described a magazine clip as having a "caliber".

Yes, this man can't help but make himself look stupid.

Then check out this tweet from last week, when De Leon met with frazzled, left-wing former governor of Michigan Jennifer Granholm

Jennifer Granholm was born in British Columbia, Canada.

She is an immigrant.

She came from one country and became a citizen of this country.

Since when does a person stop being an immigrant?

Does De Leon's comment imply that all the illegal aliens who have entered the United States are no longer immigrants?!

The State Senate Pro Tem's misuse of the English language is devastating enough.

His sloppy lack of understanding is destructive to our basic rights and liberties.

Now he is fully eroding citizenship and the naturalization process.

Mrs. Granholm is an immigrant. She came from another country and entered the United States legally.

This attack on the definition of immigrant should worry California voters.

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