Sunday, March 19, 2017

Winning! Pro-Family Groups Target Transgender "Target"--Corporation Going Bust!

California MassResistance staged three protests to boycott Target.


The corporation, headed by an unrepentant liberal from Dayton, Minnesota, decided to go "more inclusive" and announced a new policy which would allow men and women to go into whichever bathrooms they choose--based on their "gender identity" as opposed to their biological characteristics.
This is a perversion on many levels.

Perverse, corrupt men are using this insane move to pry and spy on women and children. Molestation cases in Target stores are now rising.

In addition to this evil yet avoidable trend of predators, perverts, and pedophiles going into women's bathrooms, this whole "transgender agenda" is fundamentally wrong, based on falsehoods and misunderstandings about gender and life.

We need to assert the truth about how wicked and wrongheaded this LGBT agenda has become!

Check out California MassResistance's first boycott in front of the Torrance Target on Sepulveda Blvd:

The crazy girls got more than they bargained for when they attacked us.

Before that, we had received ample support from patrons and even the local Torrance Police Department.

The next time I went out there, only one other person joined me.

More customers told us that they would not go to Target stores any more:

More of the California MassResistance team joined up to protest at the Target shareholders meeting last year (2016), which met in Costa Mesa, CA.

Check it out!

It was a huge success.

And now ... Target is going bust!


Check out this report from Breitbart: (From Feb. 8, 2017):

Retail giant Target has abruptly shuttered two high priority projects which were intended to guarantee the company’s future, amid the public boycott provoked by the company’s insistence on transgender-friendly, mixed-sex, dressing rooms.


Reminder ... Target stock was valued at $83 per share in April, 2016, when the CEO and staff announced the perverse bathroom policy.

What is the share worth now, as of March 19, 2017?


That's a major stumble, to put it mildly.

The Target boycott is working!

I have friends and neighbors connected to employees in other local Target stores.

They are cutting hours.

The stores are offering sales on unprecedented levels.

So much overstock, and so few buyers.

The corporate world needs to learn that they do not get to play God. Middle American consumers will not allow arrogant, left-wing corporate task masters dictate to us what the world's values should be. They should have learned by now that American families will not put their children in harm's way. Furthermore, they are not concerned about "social consciousness" or appearances before liberal intelligentsia, who are not intelligent to begin with.

Boycott Target!

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  1. Target is still strong in Seattle. F the anti-trans people!