Thursday, March 30, 2017

No Sanctuary State: Sen. Joel Anderson's Press Conference Against SB 54 (Petition)

At one time, Republicans in Sacramento would check FlashReport and Fleishman's views on key bills.

Now, I have to wonder if most Republicans even care what the conservative from Orange County really has to say about .... anything.

Stop SB 54--All Lives Matter, No Sanctuary Cities

I have another reason to raise alarms.

In today's edition of FlashReport, there was no mention of  Senator Joel Anderson's press conference against SB 54--the sanctuary state bill proferred by Kevin De Leon to turn the entire state of California into a haven for illegal aliens, especially the violent criminals.

Check out today's list:
Thursday, March 30, 2017
Dear Arthur,
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State Senator Joel Anderson (R-Alpine) has been working round the clock to stop this terrible bill.

Here are the news reports on K-Cal 9:

He just hosted a press conference in West Covina with the city council, all of whom voted in a resolution to oppose that terrible legislation.

And there was nothing about the press conference.

Here are some videoes I recorded at the event:

Here's a scond video, in which Senator Anderson discusses the long list of violent crimes which illegal aliens can commit without fear of detainment and deportation from ICE.

Here is Senator Anderson's plea to all Californians to sign his petition:

The safety and security of California's citizenry is of utmost importance. We cannot allow a bunch of arrogant, narrow-minded, selfish legislative bigots decide the fate and safety of every law-abiding citizen as they pander to illegal aliens and their special interest enablers.

We need every news source and news site across the state putting this issue on full blast.

There is no excuse for residents throughout the state of California NOT to double down and stop this perverse lawlessness.

Then share it far and wide. We need to reach 100,000 signatures and get people on board to stop this thing!

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