Thursday, March 9, 2017

Schaper's Most Popular YouTube Videos So Far

Since establishing a YouTube channel last year, I have uploaded at least 300 videos.

A number of them are getting a high number of views.


1. Check out the number one video:

This young man approached me and friends of mine after our Trump Rally at LAX on February 4 2017.

He saw our Trump signs, hats, etc.

Instead of respecting our peace and privacy, he launched into a tirade about how Trump is hurting our country?

I countered every uestion and comment, and I had to correct him on a number of other issues, too.

He walked away the first time, then a friend of mine took over recording the conversation.

Unfortunately, the video stopped recording ..

But indeed, this grown-up anti-Trump snowflake eventually ran away from us.

2. Debate with Obamacare Supporters

I was attending the California Republican Party convention in Sacramento.

I found this group of protesters chanting their support for the Affordable Care Act.

It was a welcome opportunity for me to denounce the ACA and promote better alternatives.

The comments on YouTube have been very encouraging. This is the kind of dialogue we need to have in order to change minds and change our culture for the better.

3.  ACLU Rep Mocks "white people",  says that they have only 5 years left.

This video got picked up by the Daily Caller:

The ACLU was forced to distance themselves from this race-baiting hatemonger who tried to play the race card against We the People Rising and the other citizens who oppose sanctuary city status.

The pro-enforcement group interrupted an attempt by Councilman Rafael Trujillo, who had planned a secret meeting with pro-amnesty forces (including Victorville City Councilwoman Blanca Gomez).

We stopped the sanctuary city plan. Trujillo was humiliated, and the ACLU had egg on its face.


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