Friday, March 10, 2017

Torrance Mayor Pat Furey Calls Citizen "Sicko" for Confronting His and West-Cal Corruption

Torrance Mayor Pat Furey was not happy to see me when I attended his West High School Townhall on March 9, 2017.

Here are a few videos from the preliminary events at the Townhall:

He denied the comments that I made about the CCA program and Joe Galliani's connection to the overreaching, Big Green fail.

Here he lost his temper when I called him out on the CCA lie:

And at the very end of the meeting, I followed him out, shaming him for his corruption and disregard for the rule of law:

Of course, I had chased down Harry Tsang of West-Cal Academy, who helped instigate an unconscionable attack on veterans and peaceful private citizens at the West Carson Veterans Hall:

And what did Pat Furey have to say about me and my determination to confront West-Cal Academy and the corrupt and abuse puppet Harry Tsang?

"That guy is a sicko!"


This is how the mayor of one of the largest cities in Los Angeles County treats his constituents?!


Pat Furey, you are a shameful man, and you have no business sitting in any position of authority!


  1. The Furey-Tabakian axis.Very interesting. Both should be locked up. Furey for political corruption and Tabakian for giving aid and comfort to illegal. Did we ever find out who paid the mayor's $35K FPPC fine? Did he use his own money or was it paid for by McCormick Ambulance like they paid for his 2014 mayoral campaign? With Tabakian you never know where the BS stops and the truth starts. I hear he is a Republican. Another RINO???

    1. FPPC only accepts cashiers checks for fines because they don't care where the money comes from. It's a scam. They fine people for issues reporting their political contributions and then require payment be untraceable for fines. Look at their recent fine list. They are getting rich and activists think they are making a difference. Just a new revenue stream for the state.

  2. What about you posing as the mayor's son and trying to disturb local businesses? You know they caught you on camera and filed a police report...

  3. Why is the Mayor and his corrupt family continuing to get away with this?

  4. Run for Mayor of Torrance Arthur! Furey is propping up Tabakian to run for council!

  5. YES! RUN FOR MAYOR OF TORRANCE, ART! We need your pricipal on the counsel!