Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Norma Torres Town Hall: Pro-Refugee, Pro-Illegal Activist Compares Remembrance Project Victims to Illegals

This perverse comparison was beyond shocking.

The Millennial generation is obsessed with fairness, equality (whatever that means), and "balance."

Truth is not subject to balance or comparison.

Either a statement is true or it is not true.

Either a viewpoint is based on facts or it is not.

This obsession with trying to incorporate two stark differences to any issue and creating one stance is just wrong.

Either American citizens are alive or dead.

Either a country has borders, or it does not have borders.

Either residents respect the rule of law, or they do not

Witness once again how much this clear law of logic and moral verity gets attacked again and again.

An American citizen is not in the same place or role as an illegal alien.

An American citizen is not a self-identified, de facto law breaker.

I four immigration laws had been enforced, a clear failure of the federal government, the thousands murdered by illegal aliens would still be alive today.

Raul Rodriguez settled the moral insanity once and for all:

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