Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Torrance City Council: Oppose SB 54--No Sanctuary Cities

Good evening, Torrance City Council:

My name is Arthur Schaper, long-time resident of Torrance, CA, and a proud member of We the People Rising and the Remembrance Project.

A pressing issue affecting the state of California depends on whether state lawmakers will enact a “sanctuary state policy”, which would prevent law enforcement officials, from local to state, from cooperating with ICE and exchanging information for the detainment, capture, and deportation of illegal aliens in our communities.


I believe that the legislature should reject sanctuary state status, and should further end sanctuary cities.

Here are five reasons why:

·         Kate Steinle
·         Ruben Morfin
·         Ronald De Silva
·         Sandra Duran
·         Marcello Bisarello

These five Americans—plus  an average of 25 per day—are killed by illegal aliens. Where was their sanctuary?

Kate Steinle
I am urging the city council to adopt a resolution condemning sanctuary cities and signaling their opposition to SB 54, which has been misnamed “The Values Act”, but which would enact that sanctuary state policy I had mentioned.

West Covina has already done so. State Senator Joel  Anderson will be hosting a press conference condemning SB 54. The conference takes place tomorrow, in front of West Covina City Hall at 3pm.  I have invited every councilmember to attend. I hope that one of you will go

And now, I want to get this issue resolved.

Is Torrance, CA a sanctuary city?


Why I still have questions is based on the following memo from the Torrance Police Department:

The Torrance Police Dept (TPD) issued its ICE Detainers Training Bulletin 014-07 on 22 July 2014 establishing a de facto “sanctuary city” policy – review the bulletin here.

It based its TPD enforcement policy upon a legal decision in Oregon where the judge determined ICE detainers were not mandatory and aggressive posturing of ACLU threats for future lawsuits if cities did not adhere to the perspective that ICE detainers are not mandatory .

Does the Torrance Police Department comply with all ICE detainers? Does the Torrance Police Department comply with all federal laws relating to illegal immigration? I request an answer on this matter.


  1. The city of Laguna Nigel also opposed the bill

  2. This is BS. There are far more law abiding undocumented residents that are targeted, harassed, threatened and made otherwise generally unsafe by documented residents - like OP. The immigrants are not the problem. OP's, and everyone like them, lack of humanity is the problem.

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