Wednesday, March 22, 2017

LA for Trump: St. Patrick's Day Party in Long Beach

Los Angeles for Trump is stepping out.

We do not see any section of Los Angeles County as No Mans Land or even uncharted territory.

We are all committed to Making California Great Again. President Trump's vision is good for all people, for everyone who is interested.

The party at the Long Beach headquarters was great fun.

Here are some great photos from the event:

Check out this YouTube sensation singing the National Anthem:

The Los Angeles Irish Dancers were queite the show-stoppers. too!

Check out the first set:

Here's an extended sequence:

This young lady took back "Fight Song" for Donald Trump and his supporters:

Some traditional Cambodian dances, too:

Here's the second part:

It was great connecting with lots of Trump supporters!

Guess who? Robert Peete!

Here's Nasrin Mohammadi, a proud American and Trump supporter!

She's awesome!

Check out the scenes within the Long Beach Headquarters


Check out all the awesome Trump supporters,  too!

Here's Harim Uzziel and John Goya:

Here is a family from Compton, California!

Check out the whole LA for Trump at the front of the hall!

The team had some interesting ideas to share with the group, as well.

Let's get ready for 2020:

Check this out. This is how we can start making the case to everyone:

Here's how we can Make California Great Again!

Right now, there's a lot of drama going on among different Make California Great Again--Make Golden State Great Again groups.

That is a waste of our time.

Some statewide leaders want to fundraise. We need to raise awareness and inform men and women in the state, too.

How about getting out there and making the case now?

Los Angeles County for Trump is doing exactly that!

We have attended rallies, we confront the amnesty panderers, we go after the arrogant, destructive Left.

We hold politicians accountable. Yes, raising money matters, too, and so does registering voters. No one is opposed to that.

But California has become way too top heavy with consultants and political insiders, with very little room for real people "at the bottom" have a major say in how state politics is run.

Still, the St. Patrick's Day Party was great fun, and I'm glad we went.

In fact, people attending the party went with us to Downtown Los Angeles, where we continued to stump for Trump and declare our stern opposition to the city's sanctuary city policy!

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