Monday, October 10, 2016

Who ELSE is Connected to La Raza Hate in Torrance? John Paul Tabakian

La Raza hate is making its way into the South Bay now?

This is wrong! This is outrageous! We have to stand up to this abusive behavior.

And who else is connected with this hate? Who else is connected with this abusive cult?

John Paul Tabakian

John Paul Tabakian
The President of WestCal Academy is apparently making alliances with these abusive people.

I now suspect he had something to do with organizing their abusive, criminal protest.

He is not new to such double-dealings. He has been a pro-amnesty advocate pushing this destructive agenda, in line with La Raza and the horrid abusive SJWs who attacked individuals at the Veterans of Foreign Wars on September 25th.

There is too much about Tabakian which cannot be hidden.

When I was elected President of the Beach Cities Republicans, here were the remarks which he direct-messaged to me on Facebook:

First, he had shared that he was happy that I was elected:

Here he affirms a second time that he is on my side, supporting me:

He then informed that he was going to meet with me at a fundraiser for Congressional Candidate Chris Castillo. Here's the information I wrote advertising his event.

Here's what Tabakian had to share with me:

After the fundraiser, when I found him in a backroom discussing the use of illegal aliens on his campaign, I was deeply alarmed.

I could not believe what was going on.

Tabakian wanted to sweet talk me and the rest of the group that he was meeting with. He told all them  that "I love you", because he was convinced that his program of bringing in illegal aliens--college age--to work on Chris Castillo's campaign was the way to go.

I was beyond livid. I felt so betrayed and used then stormed off.

I got a phone call from one of Tabakian's associates discussing the whole program.

I was unmoved and greatly disgusted.

Then JP sent  me the following notes:

This guy was trying to keep this immoral program under wraps. Other people in the South Bay know that this West Cal Academy program is turning into a front-group for exploiting illegal aliens.

As you can see in the comments above, he points out how Democrats are using the same illegal, unethical measures in their campaigns.

In fact, two illegal aliens sit on a city commission in Huntington Park because they helped Jhonny Pineda with his campaign.

Then a month later, he tried to "stage a coup" at the Beach Cities Republicans.

The YouTube video below claims that the BCR is an extremist group--one which included a young black man as a board member, and invited keynote speaker Olivia Valentine, an African-American woman and Republican who accepted our invitation to speak:

Here's the video, and you will find Tabakian towards the end raving about "You are a disgrace to the Republican Party. You are trying to deport my students."

Huh? Why would he worry about anyone deporting his students? What?!

Notice also that the rest of the club booed Tabakian and his wannabe SJW crew. Then ended up fleeing the room.

Tabakian was my buddy one month ago, and now he is calling me an extremist?

What is happening? I knew about the sordid, unethical things he was doing.

Notice how he was engaging in the same scare/abuse tactics of the SJWs who attacked the Veterans of Foreign Affairs Hall.

By the way, that same night the restaurant owner sanctioned them--Damien McDowell, Joseph Lopez, and John Paul Tabakian: "Next time you do something like that, I will call the police and have you removed!"

The Beach Cites Republicans love the Sizzler Restaurant.

The next meeting, we had an unprecedented turnout, including high-profile Hispanic Republicans in the South Bay:

Tabakian is as unstable as water.

And corrupt.

But how does he connect with La Raza?

Here's where the story gets interesting.

First, at the October 4th, 2016 meeting, members of the Beach Cities Republicans stepped up at the Torrance City Council meeting to call out the abusive behavior of the La Raza group who attacked a private event on September 25th

Here's the video compilation of what happened that day:

And here is our complaint to the Torrance City Council:

The John-Paul Tabakian spoke to the city council about West Cal Academy, his academic program which works with -- actually exploits -- illegal aliens.

Check this link at the Oral Communications section (Start at the 02:15:45 mark).

He laughed somewhat nervously, probably because the group that he wanted to praise had been exposed as a vicious hate group.

Tabakian said:

"My name is John Paul Tabakian. I am the serving President of West-Cal Academy and resident of Torrance.

"I am here to update you about West Cal Academy, now operating in statewide programs. ..."

Then he shares:

"Tonight, at 7pm, West Cal Academy is presenting its career pathway program at UC Davis in conjunction with the Davis-La Raza Legal Society on October 4th.

Here's more about the legal society (which is pushing illegal immigration and amnesty). Click here.

Wow! Presenting a career program to La Raza? What kind of work will they be doing? Training rebellious anti-social injustice warriors to disrupt public events?

But there's more.

How did those La Raza Protesters find out about that Sheriff Joe Arpaio Event?

Check out this Facebook link: "Run Sheriff Joe Arpaio out of L.A. County."

Here is post in the Discussion Section, where Harry Tsang shares where the South Bay Impact Republicans moved the event:

The  new address is listed there. Aurelio Mattucci, one of the organizers, informed me that he had received a call about where the event would take place, and just before the time captured above, Aurelio shared the location with this person, who was one of the La Raza activists, who had lied to him.

Now, who is Harry Tsang?

And where does he work?

West Cal Academy.

Not convinced that Tabakian is connected to this La Raza mess, and particularly the criminal protests at the Veterans Hall on September 25th? Here's a photo from Harry Tsang's Facebook page:

Tabakian second from right, with Harry Tsang on the extreme right

Oh, what a  tangled web Tabakian has weaved.

Plus, there's this Facebook account which carries all this hate against me and others in connection with the Sheriff Joe event.

JP = John Paul (Tabakian)?

All the posts feature the same hate from the Torrance Democratic Club Facebook page along with the unjust video with Tabakian disrupting the event of the Beach Cities Republicans in March, 2016.


John Paul Tabakian has been swirling in pro-amnesty circles ever since I met him in 2013.

He boasted about his contacts with the Mexican consulate.

He has prided himself on pushing a "progressive" brand of Republican politics, which is a massive capitulation to abortion, same-sex marriage, transgenderism,, and open borders.

I had no idea how far his agenda would go. Now he's connected with La Raza.

And La Raza is attacking Torrance residents and South Bay conservatives.

This insanity has to stop. 

And now I have to ask ... How much further do these sordid connections reach?

Call West Cal Academy, and ask why Tabakian associates with and supports La Raza's racist, hateful tactics!

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  1. JP has been a supporter of illegal immigration from almost the first time I met him back in 2013. Being a legal immigrant to this country that is not a policy I can support and none of my family does. We all went through the process of coming in here legally. We didn't cross the US-Mexico border illegally or overstay our visas. JP should join the Dems because I sure as hell don't believe he is a Trump supporter. BTW he also supports Common Core and it was part of his platform in 2013 when he ran for TUSD board of education. One thing about JP with him you never know where the BS ends and the truth starts. Sorry Arthur that you had to learn the truth the hard way.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Arthur why is it if us Germans started a group called "Die Rasse" (the German translation of La Rza)we'd be called hate group?