Thursday, March 16, 2017

Preliminary Thoughts on Hadley for Governor

So ...

David Hadley is thinking about running for governor.

I shared the information with the public that he is running.

Here are my thoughts about his bid for Governor at this time.

SacBee said he voted with the Democrats 70% of the time.

But this is a specious argument, since the process for tallying bills as Democratic or Republican is very shady.

David Hadley did the following things that were GREAT:

1. AB 306--allow school choice for military families.

2. AB 803 (which never passed, sadly) -- legislation which would allow communities of interest to form their own school districts at a faster rate.

3. He voted against SB 1146 -- Kill Christian Colleges

4. He voted against SB 227, forced vaccinations.

5. He voted against every single tax increase, including the MCO tax hike shuffle.

6. He voted against decriminalizing child prostitution, too.

7. He worked very hard to gut SB 350 -- then he voted for it (because he had gutted it to a much less harmful version)

8. He helped pass civil asset forfeiture reform SB 443, which was dead on arrival without his help in the state assembly.

9. He had a so-so record on Second Amendment. NRA gave him a C+. That's better than most coastal representatives, who are very liberal.


1. He voted for SB 10 -- allow illegal aliens to purchase health insurance on the Obamacare state exchange---this law issued a waiver to the President to allow illegals on--but it went nowhere, since State Senator Ricardo Lara pulled it following Trump's Election win.

He also supports drivers licenses for illegal aliens. This is bad. Very bad.

2. He voted for assisted suicide --this was a gut blow. It made me sick (but not as much as SB 10 was).

3. He refused to support Donald Trump, which I think still rankles with the Republican base that he depends on to be competitive statewide.


At this time, David Hadley is not my first choice, just as Donald Trump was not my first choice.

If he can do a better job than most, and bring real sanity back to California (I want more than just balance), then I would be thrilled.

As of now, I am biding my time.

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