Friday, March 24, 2017

Raise Your Voices, California Voters: Tell De Leon "No on SB 54!"

Sacramento lawmakers are feeling the heat.

And some of them are seeing the light, however much they may recoil.

Check out this email from the leader of the Camarillo Republican Women Federated:

Senator De Leon’s office is still taking calls so we can voice our opposition to SB-54 (the California as a Sanctuary State Bill). Please continue to call. Simple instructions are below. You only need to say you are OPPOSED to SB-54 and they will ask for your City or Zip Code. Even if they ask for the city, I give them the zip code also.
California Senate Bill 54 (SB-54) will turn California into a Sanctuary State, effectively preventing state and local police agencies from using their resources to assist federal authorities with immigration enforcement. The Bill was introduced by California Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon. The Bill has already passed its first committee in January. With a solid majority behind him, SB-54 may head to a full vote in the Senate soon.
CALL TO ACTION: Please call Senator de Leon’s office to voice your OPPOSITION to Senate Bill 54. It is easy…
Call De Leon’s office, 1-916-651-4024.
The call will be answered.
Tell them that you are calling to voice your OPPOSITION to Senate Bill 54. That is all you need to say.
You will be asked for your zip code or city and told that your opposition will be logged.
It’s as easy as that.
If you cannot call today, call as soon as you can. Ask your family and friends to call too. You can call more than once.
CLICK HERE to look up California Legislative Information online. You can enter the Bill Number (in this case, SB-54) and click GO to view details of this Bill, the Votes, Status, etc.
Today’s posted status for SB-54:  Sen 3rd Reading – Sen Bills
Thank you,
Manuela Walter

Do not allow the Democratic in Sacramento to think that they hold the final say on what happened in YOUR state!

Call your state senator and assemblyman NOW to kill SB 54 (and SB 6, which would steal taxpayer dollars to fund legal aid for illegal aliens in the state of California).

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