Sunday, March 19, 2017

Voter Fraud as a Way of Life in Los Angeles County

Los Angeles County is inundated in voter fraud.

I called the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder's office shortly after the elections.

I was following up on this disturbing account of 80 ballots dropped of at a San Pedro, CA apartment.

This is no joke. Voter fraud and voter mismanagement is real in Los Angeles County.

When I called the office, I spoke with one of the media personnel.

The staffer explained to me that the 80 ballots ending up at one apartment, which had only one resident, and never had multiple residents--that was just a mistake.

The registrar then sent out a staffer to personally deliver ballots to the people listed on those 80 envelopes.

I had other questions, like how does the Registrar--or the state of California for that matter, ensure that illegal aliens are not allowed to vote.

Why should this be a concern?

Illegals can now get drivers licenses, and the automatic motor-voter law pretty much forecasts voter fraud all over the state.

David Goldstein exposed the truth about "Dead voters":

Then there are the growing number of illegal alien voters.

La Raza groups are telling illegal aliens to register to vote, no matter what.

This is outrageous.

Check out this video from Grindall61:

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla denies voter fraud exists:

There is a specific example I would like to report on.

Huntington Park.

Check out the final voter tally:

How is it possible for Karina Macias to have garnered 1,700?


Is there any truth to these figures?

A number of voices, of voters in the city are crying "Voter Fraud."

This is real.

This is dangerous.

Enough is enough.

It's time to demand voter integrity.

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