Sunday, March 19, 2017

LAPD Alert: Skater Punk Struck Harim Uziel on the FACE!

To the Los Angeles Police  Department:

On Saturday, March 18, Los Angeles County for Trump was holding a rally on the corner of First and Spring Street in Downtown Los Angeles, right next to the LA City Hall.

We were engaging in our private protest, until a group of give thugs on skateboards started rolling by and taunting us.

One of their members threw water at us.

Another one kept using his skateboard to hit my camera phone and then my signs.

This one kept swinging his skateboard at me
Hit my sign.

Here is the whole video of the creepy skater thugs, including the attack on our LA for Trump Homie Harim Uziel:

Here are the photos of the thug who stuck our friend Harim on the face!

And a full frontal view:

And in case you cannot uiet connect the petty thug above as the miscreant offender who hit Harim:

This is outrageous!

PLEASE help us get the word out and stop these thugs! THESE PUNKS!

Here is another set of photos:

Here's the final video I took from the specific incident, which shows the damage done to Harim's left cheek:

If you see either of these two thugs, please contact the Los Angeles Police Department:

24-Hour Anonymous Tip Line      1-877-LAPD 24-7 (1-877-527-3247)

Feel free to contact Arthur Schaper directly:

We cannot allow little thugs to commit any crimes on peaceful protesters.

Read this link to find out how prosecution of our laws can be successful in stopping crimes against Trump supporters.


  1. The one that assaulted your friend should be arrested for a felony.

  2. Utterly despicable. These kids live in the world of unaccountable and need a dose of "What comes around goes around" AND "Take that you clueless idiot!" given to them generously by police!

  3. Utterly despicable. These kids live in the world of unaccountable and need a dose of "What comes around goes around" AND "Take that you clueless idiot!" given to them generously by police!

  4. Utterly despicable. These kids live in the world of unaccountable and need a dose of "What comes around goes around" AND "Take that you clueless idiot!" given to them generously by police!

  5. plaster posters through the neighborhood...

  6. It is wrong what these kids are doing but the guy did say he would mace them . He is and adult. Act like one chasing kids down is not being better then . The guy was provoking the kids chasing after them .

    1. Are you serious ?! They were taunting him and threatening him and others with those skateboards the Whole time! He had a right to defend hinself!!!

  7. OMG!!! Hahaha!!! Harim deserved every bit of that and a shitload more! You are all antagonistic and live your lives harassing people that shouldn't even matter to you. Yes, all of you morons need to understand, there is no LA for Trump. LA is not for Trump and if you don't like it, there's some great land in Mississippi where you can move to. California as a whole is liberal and if you don't like it, there are quite a few other states you can move to. But you won't because you enjoy living in the 6th largest economy in the world, an economy fueled in a significantly large part by the immigrants you hate. The same immigrants that pay $11.64 billion dollars a year in taxes for programs they will never be able to access. All of you are racists, and for those minority tokens who stand with you, you all are sellouts and you'll get yours from these guys once they are done with you. With names like Samaniego, I would watch my back around Schaper and his crew. Their racist asses are only using you to rally support and once they've achieved their agenda you are next! Ignorant people like you all are so interesting...

    1. You are a sad waste.

      You have totally failed.

      LA for Trump ALL THE WAY!

    2. No Arthur Schaper, you are a waste and you have totally failed. I am an educated person with a career who helps people in life. I don't work at a grocery store and run around the state harassing hard working people because my mediocre pathetic ass cannot achieve more than bagging groceries, therefore making me jealous that immigrants with grit come here and do better things in life than I do. You see, that's you. A sad, pathetic, mediocre, middle aged (because look at you, I don't buy that you're in your 30s) bag boy who feels entitled to more because you're white. Quite frankly, I am amazed you call real men corruptitas but then again closeted homosexuals who are not accepting of themselves tend to attack the sexuality of those who are more secure than they are. You are a total POS. When I Google POS, I get an image of your face!!💩

    3. Oh yeah, and get a grip on reality! LA for Trump exists only in your delusional dreams. This is LA baby! Get on board with the liberalism and the actually carrying about other human beings or get the fuck out! Even your own city of Torrance doesn't want you!

    4. You got trolled so bad Alan!

      I don't work at a grocery store anymore, but you and OC Weakly fell for that lie.

      Alan, you do not even have a job.


    5. Oh baby, you wish this was Alan! You have no idea who you've pissed off now. Let me tell you, Alan is mild compared to me and FYI, don't fuck with me because this WOMAN will turn out to be your worst nightmare. But nice try you pathetic excuse for a human being...😂

    6. Hey anonymous go fuck your liberal self with the rest of the liberal nation!!!! Your just made because TRUMP WON and won by alot of Immigrants minority voters. Yes you are a lot cause and don't hide behind the name your some big bad ass come out bitch. Let's see who you really are. Oh yeah and no one HEAR ME NO ONE is afraid of you!!!! TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP

    7. Hahaha!!! Says the ridiculous person hiding behind their computer talking nonsense! The only way you would ever talk your madness is through your computer because you would be on the ground so quick if you ever dared speak to me like that! Just so you know, I don't need to go fuck my liberal self because, since I'm not a disgustingly pathetic person like you, I can find good people to do that for me. Wink, wink! You on the other hand, well, good luck fucking your backwards, pathetic, liberal self! I'm sure nobody will touch you with a 10 foot pole! And if anyone here is a bitch, it's you. You see, I can argue diplomatically. I'm not the one practically screaming at the computer. But I can see why you're so mad. Your guy got the White House on a technicality through cheating and consorting with hostile governments. The truth baby, is he lost by 3 million votes! Can your ignorant ass count to 3 million?? Do you have any idea how many that is? You're also mad because the only way your boy got the White House is by doing some nasty oral favors for Putin. It's all coming out. Everything. Even what he did last week denouncing Germany falsely for being delinquent when that's not how NATO works. But I don't expect uneducated Trump supporters to understand how NATO works. That's beyond your comprehension. And just so you know, YOUR CAPS LOCK DOESN'T SCARE ME BABY! It's actually quite funny! And don't you worry, you'll find out soon enough who I am. I dare you to come after me. If Arthur Schaper were as smart a grocery bagger as he thinks he is, he would have already figured it out... Hahaha!!! Thanks for the good laugh today! I needed it. Laughing at Trump supporters and making them my bitches always makes my day! And baby, remember, in Los Angeles, we rule. If I were you I would get the fuck out of Dodge before you piss of the wrong Angeleno. You just saw Harim Uziel get beaten up by a child. I would want something worse to happen to you when you come across a real man...

    8. Arthur, I'm sorry to hear you lost your job. What happened? Did they finally figure out that you're not qualified to bag groceries?? Amazing that all those immigrants do that so easily, and they do so many other things you're obviously not qualified for. I can understand why you're so mad about them immigrants. I get your frustration. Having those brilliant hard workers around forces you to actually have to work for something, which is really hard for a mediocre person like you. I'm sorry that those immigrants take all your jobs and now you can no longer reach your potential of bagging groceries. So bummed for you. What are you going to do now? You know, your friend Harim Uziel has perfected the art of being lazy by getting a Go Fund Me account to pay his bills. Maybe you should get some tips from him! Wait, did you get a job as a waiter after you got fired from the grocery store? You're not that waiter who just got fired in Huntington Beach for trying to check those girls' immigration status are you? Oh Arthur, when will you learn? SMH...

  8. Hahaha!!! Harim Uzziel totally deserved that and so much more! All of you do! You are all antagonistic and make lives out of harassing people who aren't doing anything to you. FYI, you guys think people who work hard and don't qualify for benefits are asking for government handouts even though they cannot and you hate them for that? Well, let me tell you who is asking for handouts: Harim Uzziel! He doesn't want to work so he has shamelessly set up a Go Fund Me account so people can pay his rent< food and bills and he doesn"t have to work! As for LA for Trump, there is no LA for Trump! LA is liberal, as is California. If you don't like it, I'm sure there is some great land in Mississippi for you to move to. There you can be as racist and hick as you want. But you won't go. You will stay in California because you enjoy living in a place that has the 6th largest economy in the world, an economy fueled largely by the very immigrants you hate! The same immigrants who contribute $11.64 billion dollars annually in taxes for programs they will never be able to use. You all are nothing but ridiculous racists, and for the minority tokens who stand by these guys, you are simply being used to rally support and veil their racism, like La Malinche was, and once they have achieved their agenda they will chew you up and spit you out. You are awesome for fighting to get rid of the most marginalized people just so you can take the spot of most marginalized! Hahaha!!! even these skater kids you are talking crap about know that! Ignorant people are fascinating...