Friday, March 31, 2017

Tolerance: Culver City Tries to Silence People, Deny Seats, Attack First Amendment Rights

Only five days have passed, and already I am getting all kinds of questions about what happened at the Culver City Cty Council meeting.

Yes, these liberals are pretty unhinged. It was crystal clear that a bunch or progressive organizers had taken over the meeting to put undue pressure on an already weakened and immoral board. What is the matter with these people? Do they not understand that enacting any kind of sanctuary city policy would devastate the city?

Do they really want to turn into Huntington Park? That city was a wonderful place to live in, visit, and do business. Now it's turned into a third world ghetto, filled with crime and debris. Code enforcement refuses to do its job.

The cartels run that city now, and the city council does the bidding of well-connected yet corrupt private vendors.

But when We the People Rising and LA for Trump arrived, we got nothing but disrespect and discrimination.

Check out these videos.

First, a few of the members of the audience were telling me that I could not sit in the second row from the front. They even lied to me and claimed that we could not reserve seats for ourselves or others.

Some of the left-wing agitators tried to pressure and shame us because we stood for our First Amendments rights:

One lady helped me to park along the street, and she was the only respectful person in the audience. She and I did not share values or agree on the sanctuary city position of the city council, but we respected each other.

Isn't it amazing, though, how hyp,ocritical these left-wing activists turn out to be! They claim to welcome everyone except those with points of view which they oppose.

Why even have city council meetings if the elected officials and their constituents are so opposed to freedom of speech? Don't they have any self-respect or regard for the United States Constitution.

When I wanted to take photos of the sanctuary city signs from the audience, some of the members tried to block me:

Some of them actively tried to hide themselves.

What are they so ashamed of?

The guy behind me insisted on shining his flashlight in my face:

This is the "tolerant" face the left, and in Culver City, no less.

Oh, and before I forget, the mayor actually told members of the audience that they could not "boo" speakers after they finished.

Yes, he did:

Shameful and intolerant, indeed.

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  1. Were these pro-sanctuary city people residents of Culver City or (if you know) from elsewhere?
    Thank you so much for speaking up.