Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Lowenthal Town Hall in Long Beach: We the People Rising Pushed Back!

I have to admit--the Lowenthal Townhall was much better planned than the others.

In that I could find a seat--I did not have to fight to get into the auditorium.

I submitted questions for Congressman Lowenthal to answer.

And I actually got to speak to him and to the audience as a whole, even though 90% of the people in the auditorium were flaming liberals who loved and worshiped Lowenthal and Obama.

Oh brother!

Here is a preliminary video that I recorded as I walked into the auditorium:

It was already getting pretty busy as I walked in.

At least I could attend this meeting without waiting in a long line:

Of course, there were rowdy liberals there, not just the wellspring of Big Govenrment Democrats who have no problem with Congressman Alan Lowenthal (D-Los Angeles)

I must say that for the most part, Lowenthal was respectful and allowed everyone who wanted to speak--to speak:

Janet West of We the People Rising lives in Long Beach, and for what it's worth, Lowenthal gives constituents a fair hearing, except towards the end, but I will be writing about that later.

As expected the Congressman spent about thirty minutes introducing himself and talking about the issues he cares about.

He also introduced three other guests on the stage: a representative from the ACLU, a student advocate for immigration reform (really amnesty) and then another spokesman on behalf of government run healthcare.

This one old guy was really hostile, and just plain crazy.

He claimed that Donald Trump has a mental illness, but this man was ready to pop off at anyone who was a Trump supporter. He called me "Dumb---ss" and used the "F---" word a lot.

He was clearly enraged, and borderline headed for institutionalization:

Check out this video to see the insanity:

Janet had to deal with this crazy black woman, who had a shawl over her head, huge glasses coverin her face, and gloves on her hands.

She was hostile and rude. She even told Janet West to shut up!

We called her "Super Fly" for short. Robert Peete had other colorful words to say to her, too.

After all the preliminary mumbo-jumbo, all of us lined up to speak to the Congressman.

Robert Peete of Long Beach was right there behind me.

We wanted to make some sense of the nonsense, and many times we could not help but laugh at the liberal lunacy.

But we represented for our President:

Most of the people in the crowd talked about their growing fears about losing the Affordable Care Act.

There were the obligatory shouts about single-payer as the solution to the nation's health care problems--UH NO!

Many people talked about immigration. Most of the people in the crowd were more concerned with protecting illegal aliens. No one mentioned the Americans who have lost their jobs, and the family members who have lost their lives because of illegal aliens in our country.

Here are a few other photos of people asking questions:

Then it was my turn:

I talked about illegal immigration, without hesitation.

We need to build the wall along our Southern border.

I asked for legislation that would would put illegal aliens to death if they killed a minor in our country. It should be called Ruben's Law.

Then I announced that Obamacare should be repealed, and that Senator Rand Paul's bill should be passed, which would deal with the pre-existing conditions concern.

Then came my uestion (which an audience member suggested that I ask): What would you like to tell all the public institutions when the federal government cuts off all federal funding after California goes rogue, defies Washington, and becomes a sanctuary state?

Lowenthal did not answer my uestion. Instead, he simply stood by his previous statement that he would support protection for all illegal aliens on campuses and throughout the state of California.

Oh brother!

Here's one video taken from ABC 7 News:

Here are some of the comments listed in the report:

A Trump supporter spoke during the meeting and said a "big beautiful wall" needed to be built to secure the country's borders.

Several audience members’ questions signaled considerable anxiety over health care costs and immigration. On the latter issue, the sentiment was generally in opposition to the Trump Administration’s plans for more assertive immigration enforcement — a woman who identified herself as a teacher said she keeps her classroom door locked after a discussion stemming from fears of enforcement actions at schools —although one speaker spoke in favor of the president’s plans for a wall and demanded the death penalty for any undocumented immigrants who kill someone under the age of 18.

Congressman Lowenthal addresses a thousand Long Beach constituents
Trump supporters greet the Democratic congressman with opposition.

Congressman Alan Lowenthal, D-Long Beach, held a town hall forum on Monday night to answer constituents’ questions on national issues including health care reform, immigration policies, the environment and civil rights.

Before the discussion began at 6 p.m., two men stood before the crowd with pro-Trump signs. The were greeted with “boos” and generally negative responses from individuals in the crowd, who told the Trump supporters to get out.

“We’ll give you a chance to talk,” Lowenthal said to the man wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap. “As I said in the beginning, everyone will have a chance to talk.”

The Long Beach Police Department had several officers present at the event, although physical acts of violence did not break out. Several attendees continued to remark against the few Trump supporters who attended the forum.

The only people who were violent were the anti-Trump haters like the Crazy Guy with the "mentally ill" shirt, and Mrs. "SuperFly"

Unfortunately ... Rep. Lowenthal was very rude to one of our team: Janice Montgomery:

At least a few reporters were willing to listen to her story.

They were also willing to listen to us, too.

Then guess who I ran into?

He was overwhelmed with getting busted AGAIN!

This time, he could not run away.

And he could not just his pervervse connections with the corrupt WestCal Academy:

A few people came up to me and shook my hand.

They appreciated what I had to share with the audience.

They also recognized that they did not agree with me on everything.


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