Wednesday, March 29, 2017

SPEECH by Brett Kulbis, Honolulu GOP County Chair

Ladies and Gentlemen, distinguished guests, Happy Kuhio Day!  Mahalo for being here
tonight. My name is Brett Kulbis and I'm asking for your vote for County Chairman!

Last year Republicans across the Nation came out in droves and we saw the Republican red
wave engulf the country, while we stood on the beach watching from afar wondering what
happened here!

To understand what happened in Hawaii we must think back to around 1999, when a small
group of relatively powerful insiders centralized inherent county responsibilities under one
State leadership.  Responsibilities like organizing county precincts and districts, recruiting
county and state candidates, fundraising with candidates and messaging on the issues.

Over the years we have forsaken our county grassroots and moved to an oligarchy - a small
group of self-selected insiders making decisions for the rest of us.

A very select “good ‘ole boy (and girl)” cabal that tells us when and where to hold
caucuses with little input from the precinct and district chairs; that decides which
candidates are worthy of our support while good candidates such as Kathryn Henski, Eric
Ching, and my personal friend Bryan Jeremiah are left un-supported to battle the Democrat
machine; fearful insiders who withhold vital tools which precinct and district chairs need to
be successful and communicate with their members; an oligarchy that has disenfranchised
many of our members because they have been silent on the most important issues affecting
our County and State, and have failed to stand on our Republican principles and values.

I am not going to be critical of how we got to where we are - We all read or heard how our
party is “irrelevant”.  My focus is on today and on this election cycle.  I am running
because we cannot afford another two years of the same failed leadership that we have
had for the last two years.  This is your choice tonight.  Continue to lose, or change our

Now I’m not saying I have all the answers nor do I believe that only I can fix our problems.
IT TAKES A TEAM.  I learned from 26 years in the Navy...our ships don’t go to sea to protect
our great nation without teamwork.  I also learned that you don’t succeed without a plan.
I have a plan, and it’s simple.  Get back to the basics -- organize our county precincts and
districts; give our county grassroot leaders and warriors the tools they need for success;
message about our Republican principles and values making a clear contrast between us
and the Democrat machine; and lay the groundwork to make it as easy as possible for our
brave candidates to win.

Michael Reagan said, “...people need to remember without the grassroots, Ronald Reagan
probably doesn't become president of the United States of America…,” and that is what I
will begin to restore if elected County Chair.

We are the party of Lincoln, Reagan and Prince Kuhio.  We are the party that ended slavery
and passed the Civil Rights Act.  We are the party that believes in the inherent need and
desire of each and every individual to make their own way in the world, as free as possible
from the constraints of an overbearing government.

We are the party that has always had at its core a deep and abiding love and respect for
this state, the nation, our founding fathers, and for the divine inspiration that aided in the
drafting of our Constitution.

Republicans across the Nation came out in droves and you saw the red wave engulf the rest
of the country, while we stood on the beach watching from afar wondering what happened

I sent you each my biography, so I won't repeat it here.  You know that I am the outsider to
the slate presented to you by the same folks who got us where we are today. I will bring a
balance, a conservative perspective to the Executive Committee, a perspective that has
been sorely absent for several years.  More importantly you’ll be sending a message to
leadership that it's time for change.

Ronald Reagan once said, “Our party must be based on the kind of leadership that grows
and takes its strength from the people. Any organization is in actuality only the lengthened
shadow of its members. A political party is a mechanical structure created to further a
cause. The cause, not the mechanism, brings and holds the members together.”
For too long we have ignored the cause!

Today you have a chance to change the status quo and begin rebuilding our team and
making our party great again!  My name is Brett Kulbis, and I humbly ask for your vote for
County Chairman.

We can win elections.  We can make Hawaii a better place to live. My name is Brett Kulbis,
and I humbly ask for your vote for county chairman.

God bless you, God bless Hawaii, God bless President Trump and God bless the United
States of America, mahalo!!

Mahalo Nui Loa!!

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