Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Liberals' "Veterans" Card, and How to Fight It

Have you heard of the "veteran" card?

The Left and liberal SJW's will use this card to silence conservative critics.

They think it's effective, since conservatives care about the military and want what is best for veterans.

It is true. We care about veterans.

We also care about the rule of law.

And we care about the United States Constitution.

The liberal above started off the conversation with "I am a retired US army colonel."

Great. I thanked her for her service.

She then proceeded to outline how Norma Torres is helping veterans.

Really? With the VA in total shambles, with secret wait lists killing off our veterans--in their own country?!

She then challenged me with "Have you served in the military."

Point of fact, I have never been drafted and I have not served in any branch of the military.

The next statement they make is that I have no business saying anything.


Do not mention whether you have or have not served in the military..

It does not matter.

The fact that you and I are citizens of this great country--that's all we need to speak our minds and make our case against elected officials.

Never answer such  questions from a raging liberal. They just want a flabby excuse to silence you.

If you like, mention any relative that has fought in the military.

Then state that you are exercising your rights--which the liberal veteran and your family fought for!

This time, though, I added a new line.

"Why do you support a representative who undermines the very Constitution you fought for?!"

She was caught off guard with that one!

Final Reflection

Whether you fought for this country in the military or not--you have a right to challenge elected officials.

You do not have to earn that right--and our fighting men and women put their lives on the line for you to exercise that right!

Reject the shame.

Also, being a veteran is not a "Get Out of Challenges/Criticisms Free" card. Yes, we can respect the work and efforts that our military have done for us.

But that does not excuse them committing crimes or trying to limit our rights.


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  1. I AM a retired military conbat veteran, if youlike I'll show you my ID. Most of these dimwits have never served a day, they just use it for effect. I do not agree with these porgressives/socialists and I hope to run into one someday day. I worked for a SEAL extraction team for most of my career and came out with a bronze star and purple hear5t. Bring it on snowflakes!!!