Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Becerra Town Hall: More Than Shut Down or Disruption--A WIN for We the People

The Xavier Becerra Town Hall was a victory for We the People.

The press want to make it seem like the Trump supporters and pro-enforcement advocates were just a bunch of crazed, uncouth hoodlums. That moniker actually belongs to the California Democratic Party and their perverse acolytes who have taken over every aspect for government in the state of California.

We the People are mad as hell, and we are not going to take it anymore in our beloved Golden State, no matter how tarnished it may be.

What are we angry about?

Our infrastructure is falling apart right from under us.

The government in Sacramento is taxing us into homelessness and spending us into bankruptcy.

Illegal aliens, law breakers, criminals, cheats, and welfare queens are treated with respect, while veterans, working men and women, homeowners and taxpayers are treated like trash.

Have you had enough?

We the People Rising, Los Angeles for Trump, and everyone else who cares about God and Country have had our fill.

The Tea Party movement has not died. It's gained muscle, and is more than a cerebral exercise.

Now, back to  AG Becerra.

Why did he decide to host a town hall?

The newly-appointed California Attorney General Xavier Becerra wanted to make a rare and unprecedented visit to Ontario, CA.


1. Campaign stop.

He is heading in 2018 with the wind at the back of the California Republican Party (hopefully). The turnout will be lower. He has to show that he can campaign.

After all, he represented Downtown Los Angeles for two decades with token opposition. His competitor candidates were more knowledgeable and respectful, but Becerra won every time, all because he had a D after his name on the ballot.

Now he has to compete for statewide office, and even the most entrenched and entitled of incumbents can get a little jittery.

2. He wanted to add more (illegal) voters.

Check out all the handouts available to the guests, i.e. illegal aliens:

Since illegal aliens have so many benefits shoved in their faces, maybe California's law-abiding citizenry should all renounce their citizenship and cash in?

That;s what I asked some of the attended in the audience:

Who's with me?!

But we all agreed on one thing:

We were ready to protest outside, before the event even began.

First, we had to correct some of the welcome signs:

Here are the starting  moments of our arrival:


The rest of the team showed up soon after that:

A reporter from the Latino versio of PBS showed up. I provided him a lengthy statement, from the moral to the economic evils that result from illegal immigration.

There were definitely more of us than there were of the abusive, crazy illegal alien panderers:

As expected, very creepy, misguided, and outright lying radicals showed up, spouting their Brown Pride hate.

But we schooled him!

Here are the questions I wanted to ask, but never got to ask:

It was good to see Darrel and Betty Robinson again, since they have been doing so much in other counties, while I have been very busy primarily in LA County:


At last, we could file into the hall.

One of the staffers from San Bernardino County Board Supervisor Curt Hagman was there. A constituent tried to get answers about how long it would take for President Trump to get the illegal aliens out of the state of California.

Great question!

Of course, there were crazy Becerra supporters, too, but they could not tell me why they like this corrupt, lawless attorney general:

This young lady shared some really disturbing values, like comparing a human life to a chicken!

Yes, she did:

The rest of us were very clear about our intentions at that town hall:

The meeting was supposed to start at 5:40.

It did not get rolling until 6:15.

We were forced to wait for 45 minutes?!

No apology, no explanation. Nothing.

Nice job, Xavier.

He actually lectured us about civility and respect, yet he announces to the entire world that foreigners can break into our country, cross our borders, and take our money--and feel entitled to do so!

He only answers two questions--TWO!

But when Becerra ran off, all hell broke loose!

Here is the key recording I took after Becerra:

Robin and I wanted to follow Becerra out. Don't we deserve to have our questions answered?

Lo and behold, staffers prevented us from entering the hallway.

I saw some other unseemly people in the doorway, including sellout Joseph Lopez of WestCal Academy, the illegal alien front group run by John Paul Tabakian. He was terrified when confronted with the pro-enforcement team that descended on Becerra's town hall.

Joseph Lopez with creepy, corrupt Ricardo Lara
Then a pro-Bernie activist, who may or may not done unseemly things with his own parents, tried to malign and shame us into silence. We put down his hatred.

Last of all, Alejandro Cano of the Fontana Herald stood idly by, and I called him out as vocally as I could. It's time that these corrupt amnesty panderers were exposed and put to open display.

If you are fed up with the lies, call them out with the truth. If you are fed up with your government not honoring their commitments and keeping their oath to the Constitution, then FIRE THEM!

Here's the creepy Bernie activist who knows (and hangs out with) pedophiles:

At least State Senator Connie Levya stayed around to field--or rather duck--questions:

and also

She seemed dazed and confused:

Freddie Rodriguez gave the exact same non-answers.

But before uber-leftist Eloise Reyes spirited him away.

I will end this post with these sage words from The Declaration of Independence:

Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

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