Thursday, March 2, 2017

Trump Supporter Supports We the People Rising in Cudahy

I received this message following the efforts of We the People Rising's efforts in Cudahy:

Hello Arthur my name is Tony and I've watched your videos of Cudahy City Council meetings about them coming a sanctuary City you have your group of protest that seems to not B2 worrisome for the mayor and his clowns and his supporters for illegal aliens my advice to you is sand a video of the meetings to the FBI and ice and to Jeff sessions let them know what's going on in that City, they need to be dealt with harshly and swiftly to make an example out of if any other cities counties States or governors of any state will be arrested and put in jail for protecting these illegal aliens that do not have any rights in our country we have plenty of issues of Our Own that needs to be addressed mainly our veterans are homeless are hungry and are poor that is where our tax dollars needs to be spent not on illegal aliens welfare food stamps housing Medical this needs to be stopped and stopped swiftly you need to call Ice!!!

And also I forgot to commend you for what you stand for and for what your group stands for there is every shade color and race in your group and for that matter to call you white supremacist really really really pissed me off if I was in that meeting I would have probably been arrested because I would have grabbed him by his throat and Drug him out of that building and just beat his ass that's what I wanted to do and I'm very glad I was not at that meeting because I probably would still be sitting in jail Sonia way hats off to you Arthur and by the way my dad's name is Arthur but anyways do not I repeat do not give up the fight stand your ground and relentlessly stay on top of it by it I mean the city of Cudahy and the mayor of Cudahy and all of his clowns.

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