Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Arrogant Ignorance of La Raza Hate: "Go Back to Europe!"

Here is another recording I took at the February 27, 2017 Cudahy City Council meeting.

This uneducated man was harrassing me and other members of We the People Rising.

He insisted on recording us the entire time, as though we were afraid to speak to the public and be recorded for the world to see.

"Go back to Europe--because you are white!
(But I am not racist!)"

We the People Rising have nothing to be ashamed of.

Not at all.

We stand for our country, we stand by our President, and we stand by the rule of law.

That is not racism. That is patriotism.

But for the face of real racism, look no further than this Hispanic hatemonger:

He kept telling me "Go back to Europe."


I am an American.

I was born in Torrance, CA!

I am not a wetback, or a dryback, or a step-back, or a front back.

My back and my front belong to the United States of America!

Please share this video all over the country. People need to see the violent, virulent hatred which has consumed anti-American La Raza activists in Los Angeles County.

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  1. This La Raza extremist sure looks like Naui Huitzilopochtli. If this is him, he is the anti-American, anti-White, and pro-illegal leftist who goes around Southern California to film conservative activists rallying against illegal immigration and his videos can be seen on . The go back to Europe slogan by La Raza extremists is getting old because this does not intimidate white people like you. By the way, I'm not White. I'm Asian and I strongly stand against illegal immigration, government tyranny, and anti-American/anti-White groups like La Raza and even Black Lives Matter.