Thursday, March 2, 2017

CA GOP Convention Spring 2017: Discussing Obamacare with Liberal Protesters

I can't help but confront lies and mistakes and distortions of liberal protesters.

February 25, and all the conferences and seminars had ended and everyone was breaking for lunch.

I walked away from the Sacramento Convention Center to grab lunch

Lo and behold, SEIU or other left-wing protests had assembled across the street.

They were holding up signs that read that 5 million people were going to lose their health insurance.

Others read #SaveACA

I could not help but ask some questions!

At first, I simply asked them what they were protesting.

It wasn't exactly clear.

I noticed that there were about 7 people--normally, I would have expected at least 20 or 30 people.

It looks as though the left-wing Bernie supporters are wearing down.

There is only so much protesting people can do before they start realizing that they are not having an impact--and the policies which they opposed are actually working for them.

At one point, the elder gentleman began shouting me down with "Not My President."

I refused to leave, but kept asking them "why?"

Finally, the shouting died down, and some of the individuals in the crowd asked me serious uestions about what to do when Obamacare is repealed.

It was actually a pretty decent discussion!

The man in the black shirt was very respectful.

In fact, I noticed a few police officers on one side of the street, and then down the sidewalk.

I announced out loud that they were not abusive or violent.

After that, I enumerated the numerous reforms which Congress needs to enact to drive down the cost of health care while expanding uality and access.

Some of them were very receptive.

One lady had to pay $140,000 for a set of surgeries?! OUTRAGEOUS!

And I was not afraid to blame certain Republican governors and even President Bush, who should have done something about the health care costs during his tenure.

Then, all of sudden. KQED showed up and started recording and reporting on us!

I thanked the man in the black jacket and offered my comments to KQED (their reporting is uber-liberal and very whack!)

Then the protesters walked away -- they were very uiet!

I was surprised!

That was the first time that a group had dispersed after I told them ... the simple truth!

I noticed that I had used some "left-wing" buzzwords like stopping the "Old Boys Club" and ending corporate abuse.

That kind of language resonates with Bernie voters, after all any progressives (who are honest and integrated) just want just and fair outcomes.

The best way to achieve those outcomes, however, comes with liberty and the rule of law, not redistribution and government control.

One more thing ---

After lunch, I returned to the Convention Center, and a few people came up to me and said:

"I saw you out there talking to the protesters. We were all saying: 'That's our guy! He's our champion!"


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