Saturday, March 11, 2017

David Hadley for Governor of California?

Now this is something new!

I found this interesting article in the Los Angeles Times ...

David Hadley for ... Governor?

Perspective is essential, of course. He has filed an exploratory committee.

Whether Hadley officially throws his hat in the ring or not--he will still have to determine. 

Hadley, who served one term in Assembly District 66 before being defeated by Democrat Al Muratsuchi last year, filed papers Friday to open a gubernatorial campaign committee.

"On a whole series of issues, I think California public policy is lacking a lot of balance and a lot of common sense," Hadley said in an interview with the Times. "We have allowed the distractions of political polarization and fake culture war battles to keep us from focusing on the things that we should be focusing on, which is a better future for all Californians."

The balance issue .... Yes, there is no balance, because two sides of the special interest phalanx tug and pull at elected officials in Sacramento.

Hadley said if he proceeds with a run, his attention will be on Californians who "are struggling the most," particularly with poverty, high housing costs and the cost of energy.

That's pretty much ... everyone.

Hadley emphasized his bipartisan appeal as an asset for his possible gubernatorial run. In 2014, he was elected to a district where Democrats had an eight-percentage-point voter registration advantage, and during his tenure was the Republican legislator representing a district entirely within Los Angeles County.

"I'm confident that if I chose to fully pursue and declare my candidacy and run, that I would have a lot of support both inside and outside the Republican Party," Hadley said. "I think I have a good track record of engaging with voters and residents from all over the political spectrum."

Californians need all the support they can get--real leadership at the state level.

Real people who care about legal residents, struggling hard-working taxpayers--that's the kind of representative we need in Sacramento.

Hadley is the only potential GOP candidate for governor that has prior experience as an elected official. Former NFL player Rosey Grier and attorney John Cox have also said they're running, while San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and former Fresno mayor Ashley Swearengin have said they will not.

What are we to look forward to in 2018? I fear that we will see another Dem on Dem race if we cannot get someone better


  1. Hadley worked with Tabakian to help ILLEGALS to learn and work illegally in America. Hey you didn't know Hadley spoke to La Raza ILLEGALS at Los Angeles trade tech college. Tabakian conned Hadley to blame you Arthur for losing and helped wipe out your charter.

  2. How can this guy win when he sustained a blistering defeat at the hands of Muratsuchi? The fact is that Hadley could not even get re-elected to the Assembly. He didn't have the guts to even admit whom he supported for President until he was cornered by his opponent.