Tuesday, April 18, 2017

ACTION ALERT! Contact San Diego School Board-: "Rescind Muslim Sharia Law Practices in SD Schools!

Please contact San Diego Unified School Board District members and tell them to rescind their new Islamic Sharialaw-compliant policies, which CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) drafted for them to indoctrinate our K-12 children in pro-Islam, anti-American ideology.  

Cindy Marten, Superintendent  cmarten@sandi.net    (619) 725-5506 
Richard Barrera, Board president  rbarrera1@sandi.net  (619) 725-5550
Kevin Beiser, Board vice-president  kevinbeiser@sandi.net   (619) 725-5550
John Lee Evans, Board trustee  johnleeevans@sandi.net   (619) 725-5550
Michael  McQuary, Board trustee  mmcquary@sandi.net  (619) 725-5550
Sharon Whitehurst-Payne, Board trustee swhitehurst-payne@sandi.net  (619) 725-5550
The next school board meeting is next Tuesday evening (details below).  Please attend and speak out if you can.
New WND Article
From: Jeff Schwilk [mailto:jeffschwilk@cox.net]
As you probably saw in the SDUT and local media last week, the far left San Diego Unified School District recently adopted policies that target non-Muslim students, including 18 year-old adult high school students, for strict and harsh punishment if they dare criticize anything to do with Islam, Muslims, or even Islamic terrorism.  The radical Muslim group CAIR has teamed up with the school board to implement the first-in-the-nation Sharia-based rules for dealing with anti-Islam speech and anything that they consider to be “bullying” of Muslims or Islam.

We’ve watched this happen throughout Europe over the past few years and swore we would never let this happen in our Constitutional Free Republic.  But now it is here and it is official policy in San Diego.  If we don’t stop this now, your city will be next.  CAIR and their sister organization, the terrorist group Muslim Brotherhood, are just getting started with their radical, anti-American jihad agenda.
The next San Diego Unified School District Board meeting is on Tuesday, April 25th at 5pm in the Eugene Brucker Education Center Auditorium, located at 4100 Normal Street, San Diego.  Parents and concerned San Diegans need be there to speak up and stop the school board’s anti-American Sharia Law agenda.
This new video explains the situation thoroughly:


  1. If we went to "their" country, we would be expected to follow their laws. Why is it that they refuse to abide by ours? Not only the Muslims, but also the Sikhs are doing the same thing. Why did they come here ?????????

  2. Good question why did they come here very simple answer you can find it all over the Internet Even coming out of their own mouth they're here to do one thing and that is to commit genocide and Destroy Western Civilization
    So you see how important it is that we stop them we absolutely cannot allow them in the schools I as a parent if my children were still young I would be so outraged I'd be losing my mind at the thought of them forcing their damn religion on my children. I would never deny Christ and that is what they're wanting play the kids participating they're being brainwashed b*******