Thursday, December 8, 2016

Shame on OCC Instructor Olga Perez Stable Cox for Anti-Trump Hate--Demand an Apology!

Who is this instructor at Orange Coast College, who was using classroom time, instruction time during her course on human sexuality to rail against President-Elect Trump and criticize him with false attacks and libelous attacks?

Olga Perez Stable-Cox.

Here is some information about Dr. Stable-Cox (though she sounds like anything but stable ...):

From her website:

I was born in Habana Cuba and immigrated to the U.S. when I was 10 years old.  I am the oldest of 4 children. I lived in Philadelphia, New York, and Idaho prior to moving to Southern California in 1967.

1973 - B.A.- CSUF, Sociology

1975 - M.A.- Chapman College, Marriage, FAmily, and Child Counseling

So, she was born in Cuba ... and she calls Donald Trump a "white supremacist."

What did she have to say about the Cuban dictator Fidel Castro? 

How many courses did she take in her college training that criticized Castro, communism, or the Cuban corruption which forced her and her family to flee?

She comes into a country with incredible opportunities and wealth--but she dares to call a free and fair election "terrorism"?

What else can we find out about this "instructor"?

She wrote this mini-bio about herself while attending a 2012 Western Region Meeting Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality:

Being a sexologist is an important part of my life. It’s satisfying and rewarding to know that I positively impact many people’s lives. I just received recognition for 38 years of full-time teaching at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa California. I’ve been teaching sexuality classes since 1975. I’m a licensed therapist with a private practice in Costa Mesa.

I have immensely benefited from my involvement in SSSS. I’ve served the Society in many ways including as Western Region Secretary, Representative, President, and Conference Chair. I’ve helped with continuing education, student volunteers, local resources, special interest groups, and registration.

Rate My Professor listed the following comments, starting with this remark from November 2014:

This class is BORING! Easy A, show up & take the quizzes, do 2 reaction papers & you're good to go. The speakers are weird & I felt inappropriate at times. You do need the book to take the quizzes. I was hoping for discussion & to discuss more the emotionality behind Sexuality, this felt like High School Sex Ed class. She does all the talking.

An easy A, but boring, a lot like high school. A number of the comments read like this.

Here's another, very interesting:

What I would give to take this class again for fun. Lectures are boring sometimes but despite that, I learned so much from Olga. She's so accepting, down to earth, and I have enjoyed her insights alot. It's worth taking whether you need an extra class, or take it for credit. Easy A, plenty of extra credit, not much homework, I highly recommend.

She's so accepting, huh? She calls Trump supporters "terrorists." LOL!

How do students excel in her class?

Genuinely nice person and pretty funny. No homework, no tests, all quizzes are online and open book. 2 one page papers over the semester. Attendance will help keep your grade up and if you keep good attendance a decent amount of extra credit is available at the end of the semester. Textbook is necessary to do the quizzes.

Open book and open note? What kind of an education is that?!

Then the comments took a very negative turn, and that was before the election:

AVOID IF YOU ACTUALLY WANT TO LEARN SOMETHING ABOUT HUMAN SEXUALITY. Just awful. Yes this class is an easy A, but if You would learn absolutely nothing about sexuality. This class was all about politics, society, advertising adult films, clubs, products, etc. and a little bit of simple sex ed that everyone learned in middle school!


Notice that a particular "political" and agenda bent stands out. The above comment was published on October 12, 2016.

Then the criticism got worse. Five comments were published today with the following bent:

Prof. Olga tends to stray off topic a lot, especially since the election. She has very disparaging comments about President Elect Trump and VP elect Mike Pence and the Republican Party in general. I felt censored and bullied if I did not agree with her opinions. Would not recommend class for anyone that does not think along the socialist ideologies.

Ouch! Whatever happened to freedom of thought and incuiry? Now students are getting bullied into accomodating non-stop socialist thought? By the way, the connection between unfettered sexuality and socialism/government intervention is well-researched. 

I am beginning to believe that the break down of the family and normal sexual relations is connected with the anti-liberty, pro-globalist agenda (but let's leave geopolitical opinions for discussion on another day.)

Reminder: Dr. (Un)Stable-Cox used class time to spout off her offensive, incendiary remarks about Donald Trump, and insulted the voters across the country who supported him for President.

The key remarks for which she should be held accountable include:

[Donald Trump is a ] white supremacist and a vice president that is one of the most anti-gay humans in this country. And so we are in for a difficult time but again I do believe that we can get past that. Our nation is divided, we have been assaulted, it’s an act of terrorism.


One of the most frightening things for me and most people in my life is that the people creating the assault are among us.

OK ... so Trump supporters are terrorists. Why?

What else has this professor gotten away with? What other harmful and abusive statements has she made? In spite of the past comments which rated her as open-minded and fun, she took a hard turn to the right and began shaming and belittling those who do not agree with her.

Oh, and by the way, she is raking in a six-figure salary and benefits for the distinct yet disgusting privilege of demeaning conservatives, Republicans, Trump supporters, or just anyone how has a difference of opinion.

Last year alone, she received:

  $100,583.00 in base pay 
  $32,726.00  in overtime!
  $28,853.00  in benefits
  $162,162.00 total for 2015

And We the People are paying for it!

Contact her office, and demand that she apologize or resign!!

Olga Cox
Associate Professor of Psychology
Orange Coast College
2701 Fairview Road
Costa Mesa, CA 92628
Office Location: Science 162
Office Hours: Monday & Wednesday 11a.m.-12 p.m. Tuesday &Thursday 8:30a.m.-9:30a.m.
Telephone: (714) 432-5613


  1. simple QUIT .. you should not be teaching my kids ( anybody's kids for that matter )

    1. Amen. I hope there is a concerned effort to get rid of this useless, talent less teacher. As a teacher, myself, she is a disgrace to the profession. She should give back her bloated salary as she owes the taxpayers for over payment.

    2. She obviously thinks that her opinion is at the forefront of what she is supposed to be teaching . These idiot "Mellinials" , come to her defense , stating "She has a right to say and think what she wants" . ....... well Brainsurgeons , if it's just her lecturing and no one allowed to respond...... then it's just "Another Cry-Baby Hillarite" , Bithching . Please do us all a favor and FIRE this B ..... Had this person been a Trump advocate , These liberals would have demanded firing and an apology.

    3. This 'woman' is a complete and utter moron that I have to pay for with my tax dollars. She has no business indoctrinating our kids about our President-Elect in a course that purports to be about Human Sexuality. She needs to be fired. Please send that demand to the Board of Orange Coast Community College!

    4. She is a disgrace. She is representative of the twisted ideology that has denigrated American culture and society. I am a small business owner and employer and must now concern myself that OCC graduate applicants may be undesirable as they have been "tainted" by such indoctrination. She should lose her teaching credentials immediately and there will be no future financial support to OCC or any institution employing Ms. Cox or others of the same ilk.

  2. I am a professor too and I am a Trump voter. I am no friggin terrorist. How dare you, you myopic narcissistic waste of Liberal Space, literally.

    1. You and the rest of your Republican racist garbage can all drop dead. It will make for fewer that we will have to kill.

    2. ""AnonymousDecember 27, 2016 at 7:20 PM
      You and the rest of your Republican racist garbage can all drop dead. It will make for fewer that we will have to kill."" Just ... wow.
      Further proof that the so-called Democrats are the ones with the hateful and violent ideologies. Not satisfied with an intellectual debate, they advocate for the deaths of people who disagree with them. The lot of them need to be sent to the Middle East, so they can fix all of the problems, and embrace the people they want to bring here, who want us all dead. Win - win!

  3. Should be fired immediately

  4. You Olga Perez Stable Cox are an idiot!!!!

  5. So she only has a 40-year-old master's degree and no citations I could find in Google Scholar... and yet she's making a six-figure salary? How come all those overeducated and underpaid adjuncts whining about a salary of $2500 for a WHOLE SEMESTER of teaching aren't bitching about this?

    1. It is amazing that a salary like that could be awarded a person with only an old Master's Degree. She shows an inability to write at even a middle school level, beginning most of her sentences with, "I." That narcissism shows up in her class, thinking that it is appropriate to unload her political views on her students. Time to go, Olga!

  6. "Olga" is a variant of a Russian name. Her parents, apparently from Cuba, gave this piece of work a Russian name before they moved to the USA. Her comments exposed in this video -- taken during a human sexuality class -- speak volumes about her true feelings about her adopted Land. I would take her class simply to get an A grade (open book!)but also to debate her every chance I got. If allowable, I would take her class more than once just to debate her in front of her other students .... may be she would shut up about her political views and teach something about the subject she is being paid to teach.

  7. Just simply Quit and go back to Cuba , Olga ...... Had I found out that you were pushing your political agenda on my child ... under the pretense of "Sexual" behavior, I'd of sued this idiotic campus for allowing you the guise of an actual teacher .

  8. She lives at:
    1956 Flamingo Dr
    Costa Mesa CA 92626-4720

  9. She lives at:
    1956 Flamingo Dr
    Costa Mesa CA 92626-4720

  10. I wouldn't be surprised if they dig into her back ground and find that she sexually abused her students too.

  11. What a disgusting piece of human debris. And lazy too. The reason it is an easy A for her students is because it's no work for her!!!! The hardest teachers work the hardest!!!! Obviously she doesn't have to do anything but show up and spew hate. Even the dumbest among us could do that!!!! Shame on you and the school that allows this!

  12. What a disgusting piece of human debris. And lazy too. The reason it is an easy A for her students is because it's no work for her!!!! The hardest teachers work the hardest!!!! Obviously she doesn't have to do anything but show up and spew hate. Even the dumbest among us could do that!!!! Shame on you and the school that allows this!

  13. This individual needs to resign or take a leave of absence! She has crossed serious ethical boundaries, bullied and vilified her students, and has the post-election temperament of a petulant child. Further, and most disturbingly, she is quite obviously suffering from some form of paranoid delusion, and is in desperate need of psychological rehabilitation in order to regain her impulse controls---especially where the sanctity and propriety of the classroom is concerned.

    On our end, we are developing a is designed specifically for these kinds of instances. After a course has been completed by a student, they will have the opportunity to contact us and initiate---free of charge---a lawsuit against any teacher that behaves in this tortuously reprehensible fashion. Typically, teachers with four or more lawsuits pending from various students in various classrooms will often take a leave of absence to get the help that they need.

    1. You web site is not yet live.

    2. It plainly says they are "developing" a network.

  14. This video was cropped to make Olga look bad, why didn't the student post the entire thing? He has it. Oh right let's not talk about that.Furthermore, the rate my professor reviews that you cut and paste are YEARS old. It's funny how you dig, and dig to find just to find something bad to say. Have you heard about the republican clubs shenanigans at OCC? They are a joke, all they want is ad revenue to continue to bully everyone at school. You all talk but you don't even know half the situation. Sounds to me like some of you are just bitter about her salary.

    1. And the shocked and demoralized students that came forward on the local news to say that in addition to the video, those that voted for Trump were asked to stand up in class and reveal their constitutional right to privacy in voting booth---they were lying too? Further, I don't care how you chop it, she absolutely accused junior college students that voted for Trump of being a party to terrorism and supporting white supremacy. Your difficulty is just like Olga's, an entitled sense of revisionist reality predicated on paranoid delusion. Vast regions of America have rejected liberalism. As an Obama survivor, I can't tell you how grateful I am.

    2. Olga looks bad because of her own words. No amount of editing could make it worse. The Republican club on campus isn't in a position of power to 'bully' anyone. If they provide a voice that is different from what you are used to hearing that is an important benefit of being in college.

    3. That video was not doctored.I sat in her class with my jaw dropped to the floor as she had her melt down and it was not just one day. Her mental breakdown continued for the next couple classes.The young men that came forward were not lying either.I love the union's spin on this to protect her and all the side stepping these people are making for this woman.I was there and I was speechless. I am not part of any club on campus and again, I have no agenda...but I hope the truth comes out and this woman apologizes for her words of intolerance and division in people.

    4. You poor soul. 😐

  15. We can file a complaint here:
    The Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges
    Western Association of Schools and Colleges
    10 Commercial Boulevard, Suite 204
    Novato, CA 94949
    Telephone: (415) 506-0234 | Fax: (415) 506-0238 |

    Considering they are in Northern CA, they will likely be even more libtarded than OC. It still will be fun to inundate them with complaints.

  16. She should be fired! I'm sickened by the pervasive extent the progressive liberals have invaded our education system and have access and forced attention of our youth. They are being held hostage by the power of these liberal "teachers" over giving them a passing grade! If our kids don't conform and comply, they will be shamed and their education and futures will be affected.

    These "teachers" aren't teaching both sides and encouraging free thinking. They want to force their "all knowing" views on the room full of kids they get every semester! Classrooms have become echo chambers rather than sounding boards of free speech and thinking!

    These liberal "teachers" stigmatize conservatives and undermine intellectual diversity! They preach tolerance of all and diversity- so long as they aren’t conservatives, evangelical Christians!
    Go back to Cuba if you don't appreciate and respect our election. You calling our free democratic election a terrorist attack voids you of all credibility as a "teacher"! Trump represents law abiding citizens! We're tired of the lawlessness the progressives condone. If you do not support Trump, then you do not support the American people. GET BEHIND TRUMP OR GET OUT OF THE WAY!

    Olga has been "teaching" for 40 years?! Who knows how many minds she has corrupted?! God help us! Makes a 6 figure salary at a community college "teaching" human sexuality?! Not a wonder we are 19 trillion in debt!
    It's time we call these people out and hold them accountable!

    The student that recorded this evidence for all of America should NOT be shamed like a whistle blower! Thank you for having the courage and where with all to record and post! You provided us the evidence we need to support our case that America is heading in the wrong direction! We need more activist like you! We stand beside and behind you! That is how we make our voices heard! The silent majority has spoken. Through voting, respectable words, provide video evidence. Not through violence and vulgarity the left preach against but practice. Hypocrites!

  17. Things like this were a part of Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto. Infiltrate the new communist target community with biased degrading information (sexuality) and plant new ideas in the youths minds with deviant acts to corrupt the community.

  18. despicably corrupt lgbtqrwz-...eieio

  19. Wow we are terrorists huh? And Homophobes? Well I voted for Trump because that in the past 8 years, I've seen my take home pay disappear because of healthcare costs for my family. I've seen "New Americans" come to my city, get a "fresh new start" and destroy all sense of security in our Midwestern town. Because of it, this "terrorist" now has his fingerprints in the FBI registry to carry a weapon so that my family and I feel safe. I have lived in the same area my ENTIRE LIFE and NEVER felt the need to carry until recently due to the huge rise in crimes in the last 8 years! I have relations in my family that are gay, and I still love them dearly. It's their choice and I accept them for who they have become. I don't judge, I accept. The best part of that video is when the kid turned around wondering when he could smoke some weed! Obviously not paying much attention to her rant, far as I could tell! Your great state of can keep it. Also she should keep her pot smoking opinions to herself and go roll another and shut the hell up. I think she needs to go find her soft cushy little safe place like all other Hilarious supporters, and stay there. Done with my rant, I have to go back to work and pay for everyone who doesn't want to work's healthcare...

  20. You recruds deserve being placed in an over.

    1. You write like you are one of Olga's students.

  21. So, whatever happened to free speech? If the student was so offended by her comments, he had the perfect forum to challenge the professor in class. Instead, he chose to circulate it and he and the local Repub organization refuse to take any responsibility for the vile and hateful attacks that followed.

    Perhaps all of you god fearing christians need to take a very close look in the mirror. Just WHAT is it you're so afraid of, huh? I have no problem arguing facts with anyone who takes an intellectually honest approach to the discussion, including a professor who calls the recent election an act of terrorism, in spute of my "libtard" credentials. Can you say the same without screaming "Lock her up, Lying Hillary, etc., ad nauseum and quoting as fact unsubstantiated reports from Fox News and Breitbart?

    BTW, I'm posting anonymously because I have no desire to leave myself open to social media bully attacks.

    1. Is that you Olga?
      Do you provide barf bags to your students, you're a revolting site. Did you go back to Cuba and pay respect to your fearless leader? Go away commie!

    2. I'm sure he could have disagreed with her ... If he was okay with failing the class. I have 4 kids who have had to write tests and reports, asserting that what they knew to be absolute nonsense, was fact, because they wanted to get a good grade.

      If you've never had to watch your child, absolutely distraught because they were being forced to do a thesis statement about something that ran absolutely counter to their true beliefs, crying because when they thought of the topic, the only words that came to mind were, "This is absolute nonsense" and, "I would need a lobotomy to believe such things", yet they know they will fail the class if they write truthfully.

      I had to teach my kids to "play devil's advocate" (bullshit their way through it). I taught them that dealing with stupid people, who happened to be in a position of authority, who were quite happy to abuse that authority, would be common, and learning to deal with this sort, would be a useful skill.

      Many such reports and assignments were written, but I've encouraged my kids to try to red pill as many people as they can, when it comes to peers, and those younger than them. I am proud to say that I have 4 kids who have been honour roll students, have received provincial scholar and subject awards, and happen to be wide awake, and aware of the twisted mainstream media, and the corrupt, paedophilic, evil politicians that they try to install. They are preparing for whatever chaos these evil people are trying to start with their race baiting, gender politics and mass importing of people whose sole purpose on this planet, is to destroy and replace people like them. They are also well aware of the fact that there is an insidious reason why the governments are trying to convince everyone that they're mentally I'll, and should be on antidepressants and antipsychotics.

      We're meant to be sheeple, calmly walking in to be slaughtered. It isn't happening in this household. Pay attention not only in need media, but in your movies, tv programmes, magazines, etc ... If you pay attention, you will be shocked by the amount of propaganda that's fed to us, day and night ... cradle to grave.

      Enough already. Our reality is warped, take charge and straighten it out.
      President Trump and Brexit, were both steps in the right direction.