Wednesday, March 1, 2017

California MassResistance in the News

When the press starts attacking you, they do so because they know that your movement is effective.

MassResistance has been routinely smeared as a hate group since its inception.

Getting called names is par for the course, and a big part of the whole mess.

The LGBT Agenda is getting fearful.

And strangely enough, men and women who identify as gay have reached out to me in my other endeavors as I fight corruption and illegal immigration in other parts of California.

But the truth is that the LGBT movement is getting scared.

Even though critics and supporters have touted President Donald Trump as the most pro-LGBT President yet, the fact is he just repealed Barack Obama's misguided and destructive trangender bathroom executive order.

He has signaled vocal support to protect the rights of all Americans, especially practicing Christians and their freedom of conscience.

More people are "coming out" as no longer gay.

And there are haters who oppose progress, who think that natural marriage is antiuated or backward, but are realizing that its proponents are rising up

First, the OC Weekly attacked me in connection with MassResistance:

A self-styled "citizen journalist and activist" who is secretive about how he makes a living, Schaper serves as voluntary director of California's branch of MassResistance, a socially conservative, Massachusetts-created organization. (His neighbors say he's a grocery store employee, but he has adamantly refused to respond to multiple inquiries over several days.) That group supports state mandates against abortion, opposes government interference with bullying, objects to FBI and CIA hiring of gay employees, and dismisses all discussions of homosexuality that aren't condemnations. Such stances caused the Southern Poverty Law Center to designate MassResistance a hate group.

Sad indeed. You know that a publication is near closure when they rely on the Southern Poverty Law Center to identify any group in any way. Historically, the SPLC calls every pro-family, pro-enforcement, conservative group a "hate group."

It's laughable.

For his part, Schaper's duties include what he touts as an "aggressive" attack on the "vulgar, virulent homosexual lobby" that espouses "Orwellian nonsense." He believes too many conservative organizations aren't confrontational enough to be effective. "LGBT bigotry," "LGBT oppression" and the "LGBT hate machine" require constant battle because of the "assault on liberty, life and reality." In short, gay Americans are, he maintains, the real bigots in our society.

Notice the distortions to paint pro-family advocates as hatemongers and narrow-minded bigots, along with the routine insistence on twisting words and ignoring the truth.

OC Weekly is an altenative rag with no pretense of objectivity or quality--and the authors are borderline anti-Semites for their virulent hatred of the state of Israel. 

Another local newspaper decided to pretty much copy what OC Weekly had written.

Schaper, a Torrance resident who writes under the name Arthur Christopher Schaper, is well known locally as a fiery conservative, orator and blogger, who has blogged extensively about the conflict between the club and county GOP leadership.

“Arthur seems to like a good battle,” said David Hadley, a former local assemblyman and president of the Beach Cities Republican Club. “Arthur is an activist. I am aware of some of the attacks on individual people.”

Schaper also is the California director for a group called Mass Resistance, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has called an anti-gay hate group.

Notice that the report spells "MassResistance" wrong.

I have continued to protest and demonstrate in the City of Cudahy, where a lone councilman, Jack Guerrero, offered a resolution to condemn the anti-First Amendment, and pro-LGBT bullying legislation SB 1146.

Jack Guerrero

This is what I saw instead:

And then there was this sign at the Cudahy City Council meeting on Feb 27:

More on the Republican Party issues in Los Angeles County next.

Until then, please note that California MassResistance is leading the fight

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  1. I think MassResistance is the best thing to happen to this country in decades. I was actually shocked when I found out about the group and the work they are doing-shocked because I didn't think anyone in America cared enough anymore or had the guts to look reality in the eye AND do something about it. In this time of LGBT nazi tactics, it takes actual courage to fight for what has been shown time and again to be the healthiest base for human beings to develop into well-adjusted adults: a family with two parents, male and female. No, not everyone has that and it isn't always under our control, but to actively work to destroy that model strikes a blow on the foundation of civilization. Good job, MassResistance.