Wednesday, March 1, 2017

WestCal Fail Continues: Latinos Por Trump Trumps WestCal Hate

Latinos Por Trump is the latest group to expose and break away from WestCal Academy.

Life is good, and the truth is setting everyone free.

I was not kidding when I told Huntington Park protesters last week that this illegal immigration problem is invading all parts of California, including the South Bay.

This truth has become manifest once again.

"I love illegals!
They work for nothing!"
John Paul Takabian tried to manipulate and pervert Trump supporters away from the cause and make them oppose our President.

Tabakian is a desperate man at this point, and one has to wonder if his false-front organization is still operating?

Along with is corruptitos Chris Castillo and Joseph Lopez.

Lopez (right): Un vendido

Shame! Shameful!

They tried to get involved with Latinos Por Trump. They wanted to infiltrated and ruin the entire program, creating nothing but havoc and hatred for Trump and his growing number of supporters.

Here is a statement from Latinos Por Trump:

Thursday, February 04, 2017


To: Any and all Trump supporters; #LatinosForTrump at large;

From: #LatinoForTrump Official Service Panel

As you may or may not know on or about January of this year Jazmina Saavedra (hereinafter “Jazmina”) our communications director for #latinosForTrump unofficially expressed our support for WESTCAL ACADEMY® (hereinafter “WESTCAL®) on national T.V. and radio.

John Paul Tabakian is a carnival barking con artist.

He sweet talks people with dreams and grand designs. He promises to make people filthy rich, as long as they go along with this schemes.

He is also a vocal proponent of amensty, and has ignored the needs and dreams of young legal residents.

Let there be known that #Latinosfortrump never endorsed or affiliated with WESTCAL® at any capacity. Aside from the above referenced support. On or about February 3, 2017 Chris Castillo (hereinafter Castillo) the primary point of contact for WESTCAL® attempted to emotionally seduce Jazmina to not participate on an already scheduled counter protest at the LAX Airport in Los Angeles California in favor of POTUS, created and executed by the local #MAGA community and/or TRUMP supporters in California. 

Castillo is a shameful liar. I fear for his children, since they will have such a double-faced fraud as a father. What kind of man routinely stabs people in the back.

He has routinely disparaged President Trump, even though he claims to be a Republican. He voted for Gary Johnson and he abandoned David Hadley when he was running for re-election in 2016:

Here is making nice with the biggest amnesty pandered in California:

Castillo’s justifications to manipulate Jazmina to his direction was of her imminent “danger” should she participate in counter protest and/for her safety as Communications Director at #Latinosfortrump. Jazmina respectfully did not follow Castillo’s direction and continued her plans to support the above referenced counter protest. Soon thereafter as Castillo failed to convince Jazmina to his wishes. Dr. John Tabasky the acting President of WESTCAL™ then called Jazmina and with strong arm tactics attempted to persuade Jazmina to his will also.

Jazmina is courageous!

Check out her incredible pride and support for Donald Trump:

It is for this reason that effective February 4TH, 2017 #Latinosfortrump does no longer consider WESTCAL® as a potential affiliate and/or corroborator of any type within our organization. 

Bravo for Latinos Por Trump!

Furthermore through our internal review findings of WESTCAL® we concluded that this WESTCAL® organization not only is an Anti-Trump outlet but also forms part of a major network of organized protestors and/or disruptors in California. It is a network that incites undocumented students in this and other states to conduct riots against our newly elected POTUS and/or other Republican figures’ events. With the ever damaging narrative of the left and the false promise that WESTCAL® programs will help undocumented students to obtain legal immigration status in the USA.

Yes indeed!

I have written about this before. This West-Cal diploma mill/Fraud-ocracy is a front for illegal aliens and their agenda to overtake the country, specifically California.

It's corrupt, shameful, and completely cynical. They have no love of country. They have no respect for the laws of our land. They do not even respect American citizenship or citizenry.

Specifically, these La Raza/West-Cal racists indoctrinate young people and sic them like dogs to attack law abiding citizens.

Check out what happened at a private event with Sheriff Joe Arpaio:

They also threatened the Beach Cities Republicans for their October 20 , 2016 meeting:

But here's the comment I want to focus on specifically:

With the ever damaging narrative of the left and the false promise that WESTCAL® programs will help undocumented students to obtain legal immigration status in the USA.

They are exploiting those young illegals, too!

How shameful does it get?!

The West-Cal Corruptitos want to take advantage of young people, and then prompt illegal alien youth to get involved in protests and political action in the United States, when they should not even be in the country.

Enough is enough!

This is poisonous! This is perverse, and I applaud Latinos Por Trump breaking away from West-Cal Fraud-ocracy

It is our Co-founder Marco Gutierrez’ belief that betrayal of confidence, false pretenses and flat out lies by WESTCAL® to JAZMINA have caused unquantified irreparable harm within our communities. We regret to have had any dealings with the WESTCAL® organization. We also deeply apologize to all those individuals that might have been misled and/or misinformed by our unofficial association with WESTCAL ®.

Amen to that!

Final Reflection

It is really gratifying to know that I made the right call months ago--if not years ago--against John Paul Tabakian and his corrupt, illegal WestCal Academy fraud.

"What do you mean you don't believe me?"

More people are learning about the devastation corruption they want to wage in our country. Tabakian and his cronies are attacking the very foundations of our nation. They want open borders and La Raza dominance in the state of California.

What a irony!
Their motto is 'Seize Truth"

It is hateful. It is awful. It is shameful.

And more people are waking up to this disgusting abuse and exploitation of our laws and this country's generous nature.

Today, I shout:

¡Afuera, WestCal Academy!

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