Monday, March 13, 2017

Very Lady-Like: Liberal Protester: "P*ssy Grabs Breitbart" (and the Desecration of the American Flag)

Liberal feminists claim to speak for all women and represent what is best for them.

Yet they are freuently silent when Democratic lawmakers abuse or exploit women, especially men who sleep with other women instead of their wives.

There is no real honor for women in Democratic Party circles.

Here is the insipid hatred of one feminist protester:

So, she bears around a poster and she sticks out her middle finger.

I imagine she was telling us her intelligence.

Later on, I found this very lady-like feminist standing with her "p*ssy" poster next to:

The American Flag.

Of course that was not the only time that the anti-Breitbart protesters dishonored the American Flag:

I also confronted Ms. Pussy and her male friend holding the flag next to her offensive poster:

I began to shout shame at them--some members of the anti-Breitbart people shouted the same at me, but I was louder than they--and I had a reason to shame them in the first place.

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