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(Some) Justice for Marcello Bisarello

There has been some justice--some--for Marcello Bisarello and his family.

The young Marcello was killed by a drunk driver illegal alien in November, 2015.

Barely two weeks later, We the People Rising went on our enforcement tour to the FBI, then Congressman Ted Lieu's office, then the US Attorney's office.

It was overwhelming then, and it is very sad now.

I can't believe this case took nearly two years to finish.

And what will the multiple-deportee get for killing Young Marcello?

15 years MINUS time served.

So, he will be out of prison in two or three years, then?!

In Memoriam Marcello

6 time deported, drunk driving illegal alien felon who killed Marcello Bisarello
CASE SETTLED on 2/21/17 Superior Court of Orange County, Santa Ana, CA
Report by Robin Hvidston

California members of  The Remembrance Project have been attending the court proceedings for the six time deported, drunk driving criminal alien, Ramon Horta, who struck and killed 24 year old Marcello Bisarello on November 3, 2015 in Santa Ana, CA. When the case was settled members of The Remembrance Project were in attendance. It was an emotional courtroom with Marcello's mom and godmother present.  Read Betty Robinson's report below. 

Ramon Horta pled guilty to one felony count of vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and was sentenced to 15 years in prison. He took the life of a young American and will only serve 15 years in prison...

Angel Mom Agnes Gibboney was interviewed by RTL Dutch TV as well as  members of  The Remembrance Project .

A rally before the court proceedings was held as the Dutch TV crew filmed.



According to the OC Register, at the time of the crash, Ramon Horta was driving on a suspended license for a previous DUI conviction. 

Photo in front of the courtroom on the day the case was settled.

Horta was initially charged with second-degree murder but the count was dismissed as part of a plea agreement. In 2001, Horta pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell and driving on a suspended license and was sentenced to nine months in jail, according to court records. In 2005, he was convicted of felony possession of a controlled substance and was sentenced to 16 months in prison. He was again convicted and sentenced to two years in prison in 2008 for possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell.

Betty Robinson displayed the list of those killed by illegals on U.S. soil, she has been able to record, since Kate Steinle was murdered. 


BETTY ROBINSON'S REPORT from the courtroom


Marcello Bisarello, 24, was killed by a drunk driving illegal alien in the sanctuary city of Santa Ana, CA

Orange County Superior Court: Deputy District Attorney Mark Birney 
Marcello’s mother, Eva, and his godmother, Mary, were waiting outside the locked courtroom doors. When Eva noticed the image of Marcello on Vaughn’s shirt, she became teary and asked about it. We all introduced ourselves and explained who we were. Eva said that Deputy District Attorney Birney had mentioned that we had attended previous hearings.

The Victim’s Advocate arrived and provided support and guidance throughout the proceedings for the ladies. She read Eva’s heartrending impact statement while the interpreter translated to the prisoner. After the judge THOROUGHLY ensured that the killer was apprised of his MANY “rights”, a plea was agreed to and he was sentenced to the maximum: 15 years minus time served.

Outside the courtroom, Deputy D.A. Birney spoke at length with Eva and Mary, and then he approached us. He said the sentence was fair given that it was the maximum possible for the charges…but nothing was really “fair” when there was a loss of life. He reassured us that the killer would be deported after serving the time.

We spoke with Eva and Mary and exchanged contact information--they were both, understandably, emotional but remained poised. They thanked us repeatedly for being there, hugs were exchanged. They said they wanted to stay in touch with The Remembrance Project.

Here’s another family who will have to, as Eva’s impact statement said, go to the cemetery to visit their loved ones on holidays and birthdays. The illegal alien who killed Marcello will be free in Mexico in less than 15 years.


The Remembrance Project

Marcello Bisarello was killed by a drunk driving illegal a mere 2 days after the Nov 1st Nationwide Remembrance Day For Those Killed By Illegals. He was killed about 14 miles from the site of the California Remembrance Day event, on November 3rd.
Breitbart article:  

Not one more!


RIP Marcello

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