Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Ricardo "El Covarde" Lara--Blew Off Constituents, Closed Off Office to Visitors

State Senator Ricardo Lara thinks that he's in the clear.

He just won re-election by a wide margin.

The state of California just go bluer, as Republicans lost their ability to stop the Democratic superajority--again.

And yet ...

We the People Rising have not gone away. We have only gotten stronger.

We have gotten bolder.

We are more determined than ever to hold all elected officials accountable ...

Especially Ricardo Lara!

We the People Rising?! UGH!
Because he's at it again, opening the state's borders to illegal aliens all while forcing legal residents to pay for it, We the People Rising paid his office another unannounced visit.

Not only his open borders pervesities, but also his disgusting treatment of State Senator Janet Nguyen, whom Ricardo Lara forced off the floor of the state senate simply because she was honoring the millions of Vietnamese killed by Communists--and those communists were lauded by Jane Fonda and former State Senator Tom Hayden.

Here is the video of Senator Nguyen being removed from the chamber--just for exercising her First Amendment Rights:


We the People Rising #StandWithJanet and #StandWithCitizens

Check out the first video of our meeting:

Robin Hvidston of We the People Rising explained to us what happened to Janet Nguyen.

Then she explained the bills that Lara was proposing to hurt the state of California all the more.

Here are photos of our preparation:

Here is our first video trying to get into Ricardo Lara's office -- and the door was LOCKED!

But there were staffers in the office!

Why would they not answer our knock?

We decided to call into Lara's Long Beach office -- and one of the staffers answered our call!

OUCH! What a bunch of liars!

Here's Gary Grindall61's video:


We refused to be silent! Our members began to read their comments to denounce the state senator:

And from Janet West:

And Robert Peete:

Mike McGetrick:

Vaught Becht:

Robert Lauten:

Then Janice Montgomery, a direct constituent of State Senator Ricardo Lara, read her statement and demanded his resignation:

This gentleman came all the way from Fullerton to protest Ricardo Lara:

Instead of meeting with us, however, Lara's staff decided to CALL THE POLICE!


Instead of meeting with us then, Lara's staffers ran off!

We got another runner!

We stand with State Senator Janet Nguyen:

We want Ricardo Lara OUT!

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