Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Ventura for Trump Kicking Butt!

The Trujmp Train is non-stop in Southern California.

Trump supporters planned rallies all over SoCal.

There was a big rally in San Diego.

There was another one in Ventura.

That's where our team went:

There were some pretty crazy people there. The Trumpsters outnumbered the liberal loonies, though:

Shuttershot was there to support us!

Ventura for Trump! Santa Barbara for Trump!

LA and OC, too!

Some of these Democrats were just plain NUTS!

Here, I schooled them on the history of their party:

I explained to this lady what the Bible teaches about immigration and border security for our country:

Now this woman tried to call Trump a Nazi -- we would not allow her to get away with such hate:

Here's the video:

Check out this incredible line of Trump supporters:

Shuttershot 45 was there to photograph and record:

"We don't hate! We Make America Great!"

This was the best photo of me yet:

Here are other great photos from the Ventura Rally:

Have you gotten enough Trump in your diet? This young man has!

Our Trump Valentine--Valentina!

And more!

Red White and Blue for Trump!

Go Faris!

Harim Uzziel is a Trump-Star

Young Hispanic Millennials for Trump!

Now this is a rally!

Check out more videos below!


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  1. I love all your articles Arthur!! MAGA on! TrumpFamily!