Wednesday, March 8, 2017

March 7, 2017 RINO-PLAC Fails

The Republican Party lined up another string of major fails for Election Day, March 7 2017

First, there was Redondo Beach, CA.

Martha Barbee was already appointed to the Redondo Beach City Council.

That should have provided her an advantage, right?

She even visited the Beach Cities Republicans and spoke to our club.

And yet ...

Congratulations, RINOs!

I am so disappointed by this loss.

What does the AD-66th Central Committee have to say for itself?

This is just shameful! SHAMEFUL!

Then there is Doug Rodriguez.

He served on the planning commission in Redondo Beach.

He was planning on a bid for city council at least since 2014.

I offered to help him any way that I could. I even invited him to speak at our club.

He could not make it because he serves on the Planning Commissions.

And look how his race turned out:

Bravo, AD-66 RINOS!

And who leads the AD-66 Central Committee?!

That's right, her royal RINO-ness, Janice (Tangled in a) Webb!

I can't win elections for anyone,
But at least I got rid of Arthur and the largest
volunteer GOP organization in the South Bay!

Now, let's talk about the feckless County Central Committee, which has done more to silence conservatives than get good people elected to office ...

In another city in a region far, far away from the South Bay ..

Cudahy wars!

Jack Guerrero is the true conservative in a field of donkeys, Demo-rats, and full-on traitors (including former ally Chris Garcia and political opportunist Sandra Orozco).

Jack Guerrero

He is the only real Republican in the five major Southeastern Los Angeles region (Huntington Park, Bell, Bell Gardens, Cudahy, Maywood)

And what did RINO-PLAC do for him?

Jack squat  on a stick.


Brave, RINOS!

But even though the "Republican" Party of Los Angeles County did nothing for Jack Guerrero, He won anyway!

Here is where we find new leadership--in the people who actually do the work and make things happen in their own communities!

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