Thursday, March 9, 2017

Letter to the Editor: Police Cannot Shut Down Free Speech Based on Public Safety Claims

Here's a letter to the editor that I received two weeks ago following LA for Trump's growing success in the media and online:

Hi, I see from your YouTube video "HARIM!!! Pro-TrumpAll the Way!" 

What the L.A. police did in "Little Crazy Girl AttacksTrump Supporters until LAPD has to cancel event for safety #DNN"   is quite probably illegal. They cannot just say that for everyone's safety, anyone's 1st Amendment rights are disregarded. As exactly happened in that incident, this illegal attitude would give a few violent minded agitators the ability to shut down the free speech of others. This is the so-called "heckler's veto".

This case was successfully argued by the American Freedom Law Center.

“This was a complete victory for the Constitution and for all freedom-loving Americans who enjoy the protections of the First Amendment.  This decision makes clear that the First Amendment protects speech critical of Islam and that when the government seeks to suppress such speech by enforcing a heckler’s veto that favors the violent Muslim mob over the free speech rights of Christians, the government will pay dearly for this egregious violation of the Constitution.” (Click here)

Please forward this information to Mr. Uzziel, or provide me with his email address. I do  not use FaceBook. Please also note that the arrogant individual government officials who ordered the 1st Amendment violations are held *personally* responsible -- which means money from them to the plaintiffs. The possibilities here seem to be many, from finding free private legal counsel for Mr. Uzziel to possibly getting the U.S. D.O.J. involved.

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